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Downtown Redevelopment Ideas

Downtown Redevelopment and Revitalization:
Dramatic, Quick and Affordable Solutions

Redevelopment in cities from California to Canada is revitalizing downtown and historic areas, and transforming streetscapes with striking signage and vivacious blooms. Greenville, North Carolina, found that "the first and most important" step in downtown redevelopment was streetscapes. They lowered signs, added flower planters and trees, and narrowed streets. The people flow is changing, too. Along with SUVs, living in the outer rings of suburbia is losing allure, so downtown condos and redevelopment have become a hot topic, especially for young professionals and empty nesters. Hooks and Lattice offers signature signage and flower baskets with minimal footprints for limited space in older neighborhoods, and containers from window boxes to planters that add another vibrant element to restored downtowns.

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Star Power Signage Products at Down-to-Earth Prices

One big challenge in older area redevelopment is being sure people can see signs when businesses sit on the front property line.  Finding a particular store or restaurant is very frustrating when visitors need to stop at every business to find window or door signs.

Bracket business signs on distinctive architectural posts or over doors solve the problem and create an elegant streetscape. New customers quickly pay for the signage.

Hooks and Lattice offers two kinds of architectural post signs:

  • Architectural post and panel sign systems come in wrought iron, aluminum coated as faux iron or a PVC wood look-alike. Panels dress up beautifully with any sign colors or metal tones, and as signature signs for neighborhood entries, historic districts, campuses and large buildings.

  • We also offer single architectural posts for smaller or taller places.

You'll be delighted with the durable finishes on our architectural post and panel sign systems. Hooks and Lattice meets all signage needs, including brackets, hardware, sign blanks and banner systems. Be sure to see our finishing touch brackets and finials.

Our wide selections in designs, materials, sizes and finishes, from period to contemporary, along with our ability to customize, fit every redevelopment niche.  Quantity discounts are available.  Email us, or call Hooks and Lattice at 800-896-0978 to find out more.

Light Up the Night

Gooseneck sign lights gracefully guide patrons after dark. For the wider two-post and panel signs, we offer floodlights and striking bands of light built into signs.


After signs, nothing adds more color and pizzazz than flowers.

Hooks and Lattice made redevelopment sing when San Diego used only half its original budget to add our brackets and flower baskets in its first stage of revitalizing historic neighborhoods.

Planters add radiance to outdoor dining and to business or campus entries and exteriors. They help define outdoor spaces. New materials ensure maintenance-free planters that won't rot, split, fade or yellow. Self-watering planter well reservoirs reduce maintenance and conserve water. 

Hooks and Lattice planters grace landmarks from the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego to redevelopment on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls . We designed custom planters for master chef Wolfgang Puck's new Jai restaurant in La Jolla . But don't worry - planters fit every budget!


We've all backtracked long distances in places with only a few maps to find a recommended restaurant or store. Signs throughout venues prevent these problems, so guests spend more time per visit and return more often. Tourists love them, too.

We'll give San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders the last word: "Streetscapes, parks, colors and signage are perfectly coordinated to create an attractive and dynamic place that welcomes visitors."