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6' Natural Dragonwood Screen

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Whimsical Natural Room Divider

Our decorative Dragonwood privacy screens give the feel of a fantasy forest to your interior space. Even the name elicits images of a whimsical world. And that imagery is carried on in the unique shape of these real wood branches which spiral toward the sky like twirling smoke. In a rich mahogany hue, these tall room dividers add an interesting appeal to your space, a welcome break from traditional walls and dividers. Though they showcase the beauty of the natural world- making them a shoe-in for rustic and traditional décor- they also work very well as an accent piece in contemporary décor.

Unique Branch Structure

A native to the southern United States, Dragonwood limbs are popularly used for crafting artificial trees and decorative pieces. These trees have a unique, fanciful appeal thanks to their twisting, curving branches. This organic room divider features a dense row of tall, curvaceous branches that twine up toward the ceiling. These preserved branches make a lovely addition to your indoor décor, adding a bit of natural elegance when traditional privacy screens simply won't do. Our Dragonwood screens are handcrafted from high quality wood and installed on a sturdy base.

Dragonwood Semi-Privacy Screens

For your next privacy screening project, why not consider a natural option over the same tired and uninspired alternatives? If you want something organic but not as showy as tropical palms or artificial topiaries, these Dragonwood branches offer a happy medium. Since these branches are sparse, you can still see what is behind them, making them the ideal choice for applications where you only need partial concealment. This privacy screening successfully creates an intimate space while still affording those on the other side a broader view. These tall branches also make good room dividers for large interior spaces, foot traffic guides along pathways and corridors, or attractive concealment for maintenance or unsightly views. Our Dragonwood screens are popular in commercial spaces like restaurants, lounges, waiting rooms, boutiques and spas.