36in. Modern Farmhouse Window Box - Distressed Driftwood Finish

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The Modern Farmhouse window planter is a good choice for those who prefer practicality, but without giving up on high class style nor convenience. It has the low maintenance of fiberglass while achieving the appearance of wood that washed ashore, offering an authentic distressed appearance for a rustic vibe that is sure to accentuate your home. Although it has the look of real wood, it doesn't have the downfalls of actual wood. For instance, there will be no rotting or twisting, and warping is also not a problem. Additionally, insects won't stop by an afternoon snack with these lightweight fiberglass planters, so your flowers and the planter box itself remain protected. This option can be ordered with a self-watering reservoir, for all the benefits of fresh flowers and herbs without the hassle of constant watering. This internal watering system delivers hydration and nourishment directly to the root system, allowing plants to take what they need, and leave the rest for later, preventing both over and under watering for added convenience. This planter doesn't need a liner, so planting can begin immediately upon arrival. It's lightweight and installation is not a problem--it includes a built-in cleat mounting system with metal brackets. It's also customizable, so special sizes for specific windows are not a problem. For all its utilitarian qualities, it's incredibly stylish, too.

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Length 36"
Height 8.5"
Width 10"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color Distressed Driftwood
Sizes 36"
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