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36in. Eclipse Fixed Mount Sign Bracket

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Fits 36" Signs; Mounting Plate: 24"L x 4"W

Eclipse Fixed Mount Sign Bracket for 36" Outdoor Signs

The purpose of any signage is to inform your customers, old and new, and draw them into your establishment. What better way to do that than with our exclusive 36" Eclipse Fixed Mount Sign Bracket. Perfect for traditional round signs or signs that have a distinctive shape themselves, such as one with a bite out of a sandwich for your outdoor cafe, the Eclipse provides lots of creative options. The frame itself has a curved frame, substantial in scope when set against any flat surface such as brick, wood, concrete or stucco. No matter how you choose to portray your business, there are untold opportunities with the Eclipse sign bracket from the Sign Bracket Store.

Manufacturing Details That Count

Even though this is a modern design, we have spared nothing in producing a timeless bracket. The frame itself has (3) evenly spaced 1/2" holes to secure your sign. The frame is securely set on (2) square tubes that are affixed to a flat steel base. (Mounting hardware sold separately.) And the entire fixed mount bracket is then coated with a textured black powder which is baked on not painted. While adding to the Eclipse visual appeal, baking goes a step further in that it outlasts superficial paint alone. Baked on finishes withstand weather extremes without breaking down. They resist rust and corrosion, chipping, peeling, cracking or fading. This provides a more durable bracket that can be used in diverse climates and seasons. Whether your business is in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, or any humid coastal region, you can be confident our powder coated brackets will outlast any others on the market today.

Uses and Custom Options

Besides restaurants and outdoor cafés, the Eclipse Fixed Mount Sign Bracket is ideal for many other businesses. Jewelers can portray the cut of a diamond on the open side of the sign. Wineries can outline grape clusters on the sign, or fruit growers can showcase partial apple or pear shapes, with a nice bite taken out of them. There are many creative ways to highlight your business with distinctive signage and the Eclipse sign bracket helps you do it. Need a smaller or larger frame size? Just give us a call and speak with a sign specialist today to get started on your next project.

Fits 36" Signs; Mounting Plate: 24"L x 4"W