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Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lighting

Attractive gooseneck sign lights with emblem reflectors shed a chic light on signage, banners and awnings. Sign Bracket Store manufactures outdoor gooseneck lighting in multiple arm sizes and styles, and also offers optional swivel coupling to make an emblem light shade multidirectional. Pair the right arm style and size with the streamlined design of an emblem reflector shade, and you get an Emblem Shade Gooseneck capable of enhancing all that your signage, and business, has to offer.

An emblem light shade can evoke a funky retro style or achieve a more modern feel. For any aesthetic, Sign Bracket Store has a wide variety of indoor/outdoor gooseneck lighting arms and reflector shades that work in numerous lighting applications. Our "build-to-suit" gooseneck sign lights are made in the U.S.A. using high quality spun aluminum. On top of excellent construction, this collection of gooseneck lighting with emblem shades can be made to fit most any project with almost two dozen available powder coated paint colors and finishes.

For questions or custom Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lighting orders please call 1-888-919-7446, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.

7" Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lighting
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10" Emblem Gooseneck Lighting
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12" Emblem Shade Gooseneck Lighting
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The emblem shade for gooseneck lights brings a funky flair to illuminating signage, banners and awnings. On top of superior Emblem Shade Gooseneck styling, architects, designers and project planners will delight in the range of customization options awaiting them in this line of indoor/outdoor gooseneck lighting from Sign Bracket Store. Customize indoor and outdoor wall light fixtures to your eye's content and bring design vision to light!

Our "build-to-suit" gooseneck sign lights come in arm sizes ranging from 18"-35" long with emblem reflector shades available measuring 7"-12" in diameter. Manipulate style of an Emblem Shade Gooseneck by playing with the arm length and curvature to achieve a more ornate or straightforward look. Also, with optional swivel coupling, an interior or exterior lighting fixture can tilt to desired angles - projecting illumination exactly where it's needed.

An emblem light shade makes a sturdy, fashionable exterior lighting fixture. Fabricated out of high quality spun aluminum with a powder coated finish, all of our outdoor gooseneck lighting is commercial grade and made in the U.S.A. This guarantees an Exterior Emblem Shade Gooseneck will stand up to the elements when placed in tough outdoor settings. While heavy duty, our gooseneck sign lights with emblem reflectors are also polished in styling, so you won't hesitate to apply them inside or in other closer-up lighting arrangements. Whether applying as indoor or outdoor wall lighting fixtures for signs, awnings or aesthetic appeal, an emblem light shade is a smart illuminator.

As a standard exterior lighting fixture configuration for Goosenecks, the Sign Bracket Store offers incandescent 120V sockets. However, most of our indoor/outdoor gooseneck lighting - including the Exterior Emblem Shade Gooseneck - can also be ordered with the following options:

• a four-pin compact fluorescent socket and integral ballast OR; • a metal halide socket and integral MH ballast.

In addition to lamping options for outdoor wall light fixtures, gooseneck sign lights with the emblem reflector shade style are also offered in nearly two dozen different colors and finishes. From contemporary neutrals and rustic coppers to bolder primary hues, there's something to fit every design aesthetic. Beef up the appeal of muted signage with a pop of color, or highlight already bold features with a more understated hue. Whatever you choose, our emblem shades for gooseneck lights are a "build-to-suit" product that is built and shipped to your specifications, usually within 7-10 business days.

For more information on indoor and outdoor wall lighting fixtures, including available styles, sizes, colors and finishes, or if you don't see the emblem shade gooseneck lighting combination that fits your specific requirements, call one of our project managers for one-on-one consultation: 1-888-919-7446 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).