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Fire Retardant English Ivy Frames

With faux ivy being all the rage these days, it has been put to many creative uses. In fact, with the advent of Fire Retardant Artificial Plants, they have even been made into English ivy frames, making them an appealing wall decoration for your home or business. These decorative wall frames require little to no maintenance, and all faux plant material is flame retardant, meeting the strictest building code standards. In fact, each of our fire retardant English ivy frames features:

  • Commercial grade steel frame
  • Handcrafted locally
  • Ivy is rated as IFR (inherently fire retardant)
  • Optional PVC sign blank that never rots.

Lush English ivy is securely affixed to a sturdy iron cage, which is reinforced with powder coating for added strength and durability. Plus, English ivy frames don't have to be trimmed or watered. They make a great and long-lasting border for all many of pictures, plaques or even as stand-alone pieces that will compliment living walls with ease.

Our English ivy frames can dress up artwork, or highlight menu boards, even frame wall-mounted television screens. Perfect when refurbishing restaurants, use in hotels and as general wall decor, and come ready to install. They will continue to look their best after years of use with no maintenance besides.

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English Ivy Fire Retardant Artificial Frame, 38inL x 25inH w/ 26inL x 13inH Opening
English Ivy Fire Retardant Artificial Frame, 60inL x 42inH w/ 36inL x 18inH Opening
English Ivy Fire Retardant Artificial Frame, 70inL x 47inH w/ 46inL x 23inH Opening

The Inherent Fire Retardant English Ivy Frames That Capture Both Pictures And The Imagination

Faux ivy has become a sought after addition in many decorative themes, from topiaries to living walls. But now there's a new function that rises to the level of art for these attractive yet safe fire retardant artificial plants: as lovely English ivy frames. They make lovely borders around wall-mounted television screens, as frames for photographs or paintings, even as a stand-alone wall hanging. It's easy to create stunning borders for message boards or room numbers in your business or to showcase specialty rooms in hotels.

Rigorous Standards Mean the Best Artificial Plants

Manufactured using the most rigorous standards, each English ivy frame is handcrafted locally using Inherently Fire Retardant ivy, or IFR, and come with an optional PVC sign blank. What's more, their lush and think ivy is wrapped around a powder coated steel frame that is sturdy and strong, and is designed to last for years to come.

Without a doubt, living walls made from artificial boxwood or English ivy make great companions to these ivy frames. Mount on opposing walls to complement larger structures. Or stagger several frames on the same wall to create an even greater impression, one that is filled with nature pictures that reflect the green-bordered rectangles that hold whatever you desire to promote or showcase.

Frames are shipped ready to mount, complete with an optional PVC sign blank that won't break down or rot. All faux foliage maintains its vibrant colors for many years. Perfect for transitional indoor-outdoor or use in breezeways, indoor/outdoor corridors and more. They can reflect both the nature around them as well as that which is placed inside each frame.

Faux Ivy in Every Shape and Size

We carry three standard sizes, all under 50 inches. However, customization is one of our many specialties so if you need larger or smaller English ivy frames to grace your walls, please let us know and we'll be happy to work with you down to the quarter inch. Just give us a call. No job is too large or small. So for a lovely and unique addition to your interior design theme, faux ivy frames offer untold opportunities that will set your business apart from the rest.