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Fire Retardant English Ivy Rolls

Make your next big event a huge hit with stunning, large green walls that roll out and back up in just minutes. Fire Retardant English Ivy Plants are a wise choice for hotel chains, nursing homes, casinos and municipalities that need to keep visitors safe from harm, but still provide a relaxing atmosphere. Indoor fire retardant artificial plants mean no high maintenance bills and watering costs, and green walls made of the material can be placed anywhere for desired effect. Sold in your choice of lengths, artificial English Ivy rolls are designed for fast and easy set-up and to take down but can be used as permanent fixtures. The flexible plastic backing is easy to attach to surface or cut to fit irregular walls and columns. Also available in boxwood, azalea and many more foliage types, this product can be customized to specific sizes to meet your project needs.
Green walls have become a popular choice for modern office decor, home design and special events as photo backdrops and elegant scenery solutions. Create your own artificial living wall or room divider, depending on installation technique.

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8' English Ivy Fire Retardant Artificial Roll
16' English Ivy Fire Retardant Artificial Roll
24' English Ivy Fire Retardant Artificial Roll

Soothing Fire Retardant English Ivy Rolls Soften Any Space

When refurbishing small or large spaces and looking to create something unique in the process, why not consider using soothing fire retardant artificial plants as green walls. Our English Ivy rolls can help you make a fresh, new design statement in the form of vertical garden walls. Packed with dense multi-green ivy, each panel produces a subdued effect. It is ideal for retirement facilities, hospitals, medical buildings, in combination with art installations at galleries, in lobbies of sports clubs with swimming pools, and much more.

The artificial foliage is made using the highest grade materials available on the market today. We pack it extra thick so each roll of Fire Retardant English Ivy is lush and green. And the inherent fire retardant (IFR) properties are built right into the plant's body, ensuring maximum fire safety that meets local building safety regulations. In fact, these rolls can be used as protection against fire in vulnerable areas of a building like in preschools, restaurant entrances, and others. Plus, there's no maintenance. All you need to do is keep it clean, which is easy just by wiping down with a damp cloth or misting before wiping.

Create a Lush Focal Piece with Ivy Green Walls

Besides walls, this artificial ivy can be wrapped around otherwise unsightly poles or columns that support interior walls. Use as a focal point by decorating panels on opposing walls or even cut in geometric shapes and create your own artistic flare or design. Perfect in your office, in a museum entrance, as a backdrop to traditional signage, and more. Green walls add color and depth, not to mention innovative texture to otherwise predictable spaces. It can also be used at or near public or private swimming pools, even as floor covering in slippery or high-skid areas such as shower stalls and the like. The material can be used to cover equipment, create draped areas to hide metal panels or even use as room dividers.

Aside from English Ivy, Inherent fire retardant material is also available in artificial boxwood. We love special orders too. We love special orders too. So if you need additional design options, just call our expert staff today to discuss the possibilities.