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Heatherbrook European Window Box Cage

Reawaken curb appeal with modern window planters, online at Hooks and Lattice. We are pleased to offer a new addition to our line of wrought iron window boxes: The lustrous Heatherbrook. A new take on a classic favorite - the European Flower Planters - this design brings it home for gardeners who favor a more minimal approach. In comparison, the Heatherbrook has:

  • Thinner wrought iron bars
  • Looser top scrolls
  • A trimmer, less ornate base

Altogether, flower planters simply offer a cleaner silhouette. Same European inspiration, but in a bit more modern window planter design. And the cage comes in your choice of a black or bronze-tone powder coated finish. Both are rust-free for easy outdoor use.

To display flowers and greens just add a row of 8" flower pots or other choice of liner. Custom wrought iron window boxes are available by request.

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24in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
30in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
36in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
42in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
48in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
54in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
60in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage
72in. Heatherbrook Window Box Cage

Expanding our selection of wrought iron window boxes is the handsome Heatherbrook. A modern translation of the classic European Flower Planters, this design has sharp character. Gardeners are sure to enjoy filling it up with all the bright botanicals of the season.

Calling All Homeowners

The Heatherbrook's combination of handmade ironwork with a slightly slimmed-down shape gives the design broad appeal. This is why homeowners looking for modern window planters find it relevant, as do those who usually lean toward more traditional, embellished silhouettes. From the balcony of an urban condominium, to a classic wrap around front porch, this flower planter adds gorgeous curb appeal.

And it's not just aesthetics. This wrought iron window box is more than only a window box. Install it along a patio wall, a deck railing or on the sides of a gazebo. Each flower planter has built-in brackets with vertical and horizontal mounting strips. This lets the cage easily attach to most any flat surface or brackets for deck and porch railings.

Oh, the Beautiful Options

Adding railing, wall or window planters should feel like an extension of your home's architecture. And for customers with precise taste the wrought iron flower planters online at Hooks and Lattice are a reason to celebrate. Here's why:

Display options. In addition to the mounting location, gardeners also get to choose how they plant. This outdoor flower box can hold your favorite 8" terra cotta flower pots. Or, opt for the lined version of the Heatherbrook to create all-in-one container garden arrangements.

Two gorgeous finishes. Cages come in a choice of bronze-tone or black finishing, each applied in the form of a rust-free powder coat. Say goodbye to corrosion, and hello to effortless window box gardening.

Custom sizes by request. Have a bay window with some tricky measurements? Get the dimensions just right with our custom window box manufacturing. Call toll free for details and a price quote.