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Artificial Barberry- Outdoor Rated

Our Outdoor Rated Artificial Barberry Plants make life-like and durable fake outdoor plants. Modeled after live barberry plants, the carefully sculpted shoots and thoughtful coloration make for outdoor artificial plants that look anything but fake. Sold un-potted and by the branch, the faux barberry plants from Hooks and Lattice come in three vibrant colors including green, light green and burgundy.

The arrangements of fake outdoor plants you see pictured display barberry plants in a variety of quantities. The more branches utilized, the fuller your presentation will be. Outdoor artificial plants in the barberry likeness come in two sizes: a 23" or 36" branch. Although faux barberry plants are sold un-potted, Hooks and Lattice also carries an array of planter styles for separate purchase.

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23in. Artificial Barberry Shrub Burgundy/Brown-Outdoor Rated
23in. Artificial Barberry Shrub Light Green-Outdoor Rated
23in. Artificial Barberry Shrub Green-Outdoor Rated
36in. Artificial Barberry Shrub Burgandy/Brown-Outdoor Rated
36in. Artificial Barberry Shrub Light Green-Outdoor Rated
36in. Artificial Barberry Shrub Green-Outdoor Rated

Our Artificial Barberry, outdoor rated is a collection of authentic looking fake outdoor plants modeled after the popular barberry species. Native to temperate climates, live barberry plants have a distinct look consisting of longer branches with smaller, individual shoots sprouting from them. Our outdoor artificial plants aim to capture the same feel as the real thing without fading or wearing from exposure to the elements.

Fake outdoor plants found in this online category are sold and ship per individual branch, un-potted. When browsing the full assortment of faux barberry plants below, you will find two different branch measurements are available: 23" or 36" sizes. Depending on the scale of your project and purpose for outdoor artificial plants, you may only need a couple branches for filler, or you may want to purchase several branches for a full bushel arrangement of barberry plants.

Our outdoor artificial barberry plants are also offered in an assortment of three brilliant colors including green, light green and burgundy. Evolve with the seasons by using outdoor artificial plants in different hues like dramatic burgundy barberry plants for fall and lively green in the spring.

While our fake outdoor plants in barberry likenesses are sold un-potted, Hooks and Lattice has a comprehensive collection of outdoor planters in a range of styles, from sleek Fluted Planters to our rustic Countryside Planter. For suggestions on planters to pair with artificial barberry plants, a knowledgeable member of our staff is available to discuss your home project.

In addition to barberry plants, Hooks and Lattice also offers a broad assortment of other artificial outdoor plants and trees. To view our entire selection, visit the page for Artificial Plants Outdoor and see other varieties available. Our fake outdoor plants include other popular options like ferns, junipers, geraniums, gardenias and much, much more.

For questions on Artificial Barberry Plants and other fake outdoor plants, or to discuss large or custom orders, please contact us directly by calling 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.