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Ivy Rolls, Outdoor

Sprucing up an outdoor space by adding lush greenery doesn't need to take a long time. With our artificial outdoor ivy rolls, covering lots of space is as easy as rolling out the green carpet on whatever surface you desire. The high quality ivy roll with flexible backing can be used in a variety of ways, giving you complete creative control over your design. And with the ease of artificial plants, you get all of the beauty of ivy without the cost or time requirements of living plants.

Browse our inspiration galleries to see the many possibilities with ivy rolls, and then give our representatives a call to see how we can work with your project. A beautiful outdoor space is definitely in your future!

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8' English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Roll
16' English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Roll
24' English Ivy Outdoor Artificial Roll

High Quality Artificial Living Walls

Our fake green walls are made to look as lifelike as possible and will wow your neighbors and customers with their realistic color, shape, texture, and density. Individual outdoor-rated plants made with a special UV-resistant material to prevent fading and discoloration are attached to flex-back grids and then connected to create long rolls. The end result is a lifelike and durable roll of fabulous ivy that will stay in top form no matter the conditions or elements. Outdoor artificial plants also provide you the benefits of looking great without the expensive and time constraining tasks of planting, watering, pruning, or fertilizing.

Functional Fake Ivy

Aside from their natural beauty, our faux foliage panels are also incredibly functional and can serve many purposes in your outdoor or indoor commercial or residential space. Ivy rolls can be attached to nearly any space vertically or horizontally, opening up a world of possibilities. Attach the ivy mats to walls to create space dividers, cover unsightly walls, or add privacy to a balcony. Artificial ivy walls can also serve as beautiful temporary or permanent decor for outdoor living areas or special events. Installation is easy, and the dense fake plants provide quality and sound and sight reduction for added privacy.

Custom Green Walls

Our ivy rolls come in three standard lengths: 8 feet, 16 feet, and 24 feet, all with a standard width of 40 inches. We can also custom make a roll to fit the exact needs of your project, simply call our representatives to get your custom order started. The beauty of ivy rolls is that they can be added to any surface, and their flexibility allows you to turn anything into an artificial ivy hedge. Our rolls can be used to create the perfect green space that is unlike anything else on the block.