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Exterior Cedar Louvered Shutters

Louvered Exterior Cedar Shutters are a very popular choice. Our authentic (true louver) exterior cedar shutters are made from high quality cedar by craftsmen who are shutter professionals. This level of care ensures that when you purchase exterior true louvered shutters from Hooks and Lattice the exterior of your home will be receiving cedar shutters of the highest quality. The Cedar Shutters pictured to the left were painted by the homeowner to match their home trim and window box. Your shutters will be made and shipped as Natural Cedar unless you choose to have them primed for painting (no charge).

The exterior louvered cedar shutters below show common sizes and styles, but we are happy to custom make cedar shutters to your specifications. These exterior shutters can be mounted functionally with our shutter hardware or with your existing exterior shutter hardware if you are replacing your existing exterior louvered shutters and you can even bolt the louvered shutter panels directly to the wall of your home. If you choose to secure the shutters directly to the wall adding faux hardware, especially shutter dogs, gives the shutters a functional appearance and will enhance the overall appearance of your home's exterior! Continued Below, Click Here to Read Information on Exterior Shutter Sizing>>

All shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

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12" Wide - 2 Equal Panel Cedar Louvered Exterior Shutters
15" Wide - 2 Equal Panel Cedar Louvered Exterior Shutters
12" Wide - Single Panel Cedar Louvered Exterior Shutters
15" Wide - Single Panel Cedar Louvered Exterior Shutters
12" Wide Unequal Panel Cedar Louvered Shutters
15" Wide Unequal Cedar Louvered Exterior Shutters


In order for your cedar louvered exterior shutters to look their best and provide the most enhancement to the curb appeal of your home they must be sized properly (please refer to the exterior window shutter sizing diagram inset). However, the height of the louvered exterior shutter panels is far and away more important than the width of the exterior shutter panels.

The reason for this is that today's exterior shutters are primarily used for aesthetics and even if the exterior louvered shutters are mounted functionally they will not be required to latch closed over the window opening. Consequently the most important consideration when sizing the outdoor shutter is how the exterior shutters will look when installed on the window. The human eye is very good at determining whether or not the shutter is the correct height and our eyes can follow the horizontal lines on the top and bottom of the window from far away, even across the street!

Thankfully the human eye (and mind) does not focus on whether or not the outdoor cedar shutter is actually the correct width. This consideration can save the home owner a lot of money because instead of purchasing cedar shutter panels that are exactly one half the width of the window opening, the width of the exterior louvered shutter panels can be reduced while keeping the height of the panels properly sized. And because the price of the exterior cedar louvered shutter is primarily dependent upon the square footage of the shutter panel, if you can reduce the width of each exterior shutter panel the price of your home's exterior shutters can be reduced significantly!