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Cedar Combination Louvered-Panel Exterior Shutters | Custom Shutters

For cedar exterior shutters that embody classic design elements, the Cedar Combination Louvered-Panel Exterior Shutter features a timeless quality. Blending a raised panel and louvered style, each of these exterior cedar shutters provides the best of both worlds with an effortlessly charming aesthetic.

Wood shutters like our Western Red cedar combos make a striking presentation in their natural state or when painted to match a specific color palette. Either way, a Cedar Combination Louvered-Panel Exterior Shutter in neat pairs make an easy, but powerful accent for windows on all sides of the home. The slatted, or louvered, design in combination with raised panel detailing gives these cedar exterior shutters an eclectic appeal for a uniquely engaging façade.

To order the Cedar Combination Louvered-Panel Exterior Shutters in pairs, please shop our selection below. Since all of our shutters are custom-made, you can call to request additional sizes and customizations.

All shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

For more information and custom orders, call
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12in. Wide - Cedar Combination Louvered over Panel Exterior Shutters (pair)
15in. Wide - Cedar Combination Louvered over Panel Exterior Shutters (pair)
18in. Wide - Cedar Combination Louvered over Panel Exterior Shutters (pair)
12in. Wide - Painted Cedar Combination Louvered over Panel Exterior Shutters (pair)
15in. Wide - Painted Cedar Combination Louvered over Panel Exterior Shutters (pair)
18in. Wide - Painted Cedar Combination Louvered over Panel Exterior Shutters (pair)

Custom Combination ShuttersExterior cedar shutters bring a sense of warm personality to any home, and the Cedar Combination Louvered-Panel Exterior Shutters available via Hooks & Lattice is no exception. These wood window shutters are a merging of the raised panel and louvered window shutter style: two historically beloved designs. Each duo of exterior shutters will allure with their smart and eclectic character.

Custom Shutters for Unique Curb Appeal

Don't overlook an opportunity to make your house stand out in the neighborhood! All of the wood shutters you see here are pre-selected, popular sizes. You can call or email us to request a worry-free quote on custom shutters. These combination shutter pairs can be ordered as natural, unfinished Western Red cedar, or choose the painted versions and we'll prime and paint them for you. Shutters will arrive ready to install and impress. Custom color matching is available by request as well.

Real wood window shutters possess a charisma you simply can't find in other new age materials like vinyl or fiberglass. Homeowners who prefer to use classic, non-plastic materials typically favor cedar exterior shutters, as this type of wood has a good reputation for durability in outdoor applications. If your project is open to other options besides wood, consideration of no-maintenance materials like PVC composite or fiberglass is another way to go.

Making Windows Look Bigger

Wood window shutters will literally open up your windows in terms of size and help to make smaller panes look much larger. Shutters also provide a welcome pairing for window boxes from Hooks and Lattice, available in a range of styles. By coupling eclectic cedar exterior shutters with a matching cedar window box, it is easy to create a dynamic architectural accent at a reasonable cost. In this case, a minimal investment will truly go a long way for your curb appeal.

Custom Combination Shutters

Creating the Perfect Window

If you're here, it's likely that you're a DIY, curb appeal enthusiast, or weekend warrior. As outdoor decor and landscaping professionals, we can help you create the perfect windows - adding the value of your home.

Creating the Perfect Window is as easy as 1-2-3, here is what you need:

  1. Exterior shutters & hardware
  2. Window box
  3. Window header or sunburst

Take your exterior shutters to another level with decorative hardware. Some basic hardware you can add to embellish shutter panels is hinges, pintels, and shutter dogs - Click Here » to shop all shutter hardware.

Adding a window box that complements shutters really adds balance to the house's architectural features. Combination wood shutters like the ones you see here would look nice with our wrought iron window boxes. They are sold with different liner options, or you can simply drop 8" pots into them for an old-word style display.

Last but not least, window headers are the icing on our proverbial cake. Extend your curb appeal genius to other areas of the house, consider our window and door trim for those last finishing touches.

Sound like a lot of work? Shoot us an email Sales@HooksandLattice.com or call us toll free - we can work off of a photo of your house, make recommendations, or simply put together the perfect package based on your preferences. Call us at 1-800-896-0978 Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm PST.