Never-Fail Raised Panel PVC Composite Shutters

Never-Fail Raised Panel PVC Composite Shutters

The Never-Fail Series Raised Panel House Shutters are a classic design for your home's exteriors. Each shutter panel is made of synthetic components that will not rot, crack or split. The Never-Fail Exterior Shutters ship ready to install. Just pick your favorite color for your shutters and the best hardware to add to the order. The operable hardware for these shutters can be purchased separately, but if you decide that the decorative direct mount shutters are best for your windows then that hardware is available to purchase as well. Fixed mount, or non-swinging shutters are the ideal architectural detail for the perfect window.

Manufactured with tongue and groove construction and hand assembled you can be assured that these shutters will stand the test of time.

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Never-Fail Raised Panel PVC Composite House Shutters

Nothing adds curb appeal to your home as easily and inexpensively as exterior window shutters. Our Never-Fail Raised Panel House Shutters manufactured using the highest grade PVC composite material deliver exceptional value, looking elegant and enduring as real wood. While designed as faux wood shutters to mimic the look of hand-crafted lumber, they are in fact far longer lasting than the real thing. Composite PVC construction ensures they won't crack, split, warp, rot or bow, allowing them to endure season after season in the harshest climates. These Never-Fail shutters will definitely add eye-catching appeal to your home with their tongue and groove construction that reinforces their durability, too.

So Many Colors and Sizes to Choose From

With 24 colors to choose from, in addition to primed ready-to-paint yourself, we are confident you will find the perfect tint and hue to match your home's exterior. If not, we can manufacture custom shutters to your exact color specifications. Further, Never-Fail Raised Panel PVC Composite Shutters range from 12 inches wide to 18 inches wide, and come in over 50 lengths, providing a vast number of options to fit many window sizes. All panels come ready for easy installation. Make them either fully operable for a closed, colonial look. Or, if preferred, select any of our decorative hardware». Whether, non-swinging fixed mount or used as ornamental, these raised panel PVC shutters provide the perfect architectural accent to your home's exterior.

The Incredible Style of Raised Panel Shutters

Window panels have been around since time immemorial. Originally, window panels were used to close off windows before glass commonly covered window openings. Later, window shutters were used to protect glass for storms and water damage before seals and stronger glass were perfected. While shutters are still added in some parts of the world as protection from the elements, it is more common to use them as a decorative architectural feature. And in America, the raised panel shutter style renders the country's early history, Colonial style. It's one of the many reasons the raised panel shutter design is so popular.

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