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Panel & Louvered Vinyl Decorative Exterior Shutters

Panel & Louvered Vinyl Decorative Exterior Shutters

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Features and Benefits of Vinyl Exterior Panel & Louvered Shutters  

Lowest Installed Cost - Least expensive option with virtually no maintenance. No scraping, sanding or painting necessary after installation.

Most Colors -  20 Standard and 200 Custom Factory color options with consistent color throughout the product. Also Available in a Standard Primed ready to paint option. 

No typical vinyl shine - Wood Grain Textured Look gives the look of real wood compared to other vinyl shutters that have the typical vinyl shinny surface.

All shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

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To have the most eye-catching decorative exterior shutters on your block, use this winning combination of louvered top and panel bottom vinyl shutters. Their unique and pleasing combination of louvers and a frame panel is complemented by a choice of 20 standard and 200 custom factory colors - matching will never be a problem. Click Color Options to see 20 of today's top choices in exterior shutters.

These panel and louvered vinyl shutters are an exceptional choice in decorative vinyl exterior shutters. First, they are long-lasting outdoor shutters. Unlike wood products, which need repainting after just a few years and start fading quickly - but not always evenly and seldom attractively - vinyl decorative exterior shutters will last and hold their vivid color for many years. But of course you don't want shiny vinyl that screams "faux." We've taken care to prevent any vinyl shine. Our manufacturer uses a vinyl product with color clear through to prevent fade, and adds the look of textured wood as well.

In happy contrast to the top quality panel and louvered vinyl decorative exterior shutters we sell, the prices are remarkably affordable. And, lovely again, our vinyl exterior shutters carry a remarkable 40-year guarantee against cracking, splitting or fading.

Whether you DIY or hire your outdoor shutter installation, count on lightweight, easy-to-handle shutters that can be installed directly to any surface plus color-matched Shutter-Lok fasteners for the perfect finish to your vinyl shutter installation.

Vinyl exterior shutters also prevent cracking or splitting that can be a frequent problem with wood. The only threat is a severe storm. If you are in an area where major storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes, or weather disasters such as fires or mudslides occur, your homeowner's insurance should cover replacement shutters damaged from a storm.