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Louvered Decorative Vinyl Exterior Shutters

Louvered Decorative Vinyl Exterior Shutters

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Discover the benefits of vinyl shutters for carefree curb appeal. Available here in the delightfully airy louvered style, each shutter pair is also customizable in terms of size, panel design and color. Other features include:

Lowest Installed Cost - Exterior louver shutters are the least expensive option and virtually maintenance-free. No scraping, sanding or painting necessary after installation.

The Power of Color - With standard and custom factory color options available, we're talking tons of beautiful hues to enrich any home exterior. Vinyl shutters can also be ordered in a primed, ready to paint option for DIY color matching.

No Vinyl Shine - Louvered shutters have an authentic wood grain texture - no shiny plastic look. Furthermore, compared to wooden plantation window shutters, exterior vinyl screens have superior weather resistance without the need for seasonal resurfacing and added coats of paint.

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Get in on the vinyl shutter movement with beautiful and breezy louvered designs. As the number one choice in the USA, decorative vinyl shutters have more than proved their worth when it comes to making simple, affordable outdoor improvements. And, we'll let you in on a little secret - many customers report that when it comes to window shutters and the wood vs. vinyl debate, they would pick their vinyl shutters time and time again. Although, with a 40-year warranty, they'll never have to.

Why Vinyl Louvered Shutters?

Allow us to list off the many reasons homeowners love exterior louver shutters made of vinyl:

Excellent Material Performance: Vinyl is durable, low-maintenance and visually appealing. In any standard or custom finish, the color is consistent throughout each louver shutter pair. Plus, the material holds up well in all types of weather with virtually no need for maintenance.

Easy Installation: Unlike wooden plantation window shutters that are heavy and require routine maintenance, exterior vinyl shutters are lightweight and carefree post-installation. Install them on any surface using an easy, direct-mount process.

Peace Of Mind: Outdoor louver shutters come with a 40-year limited warranty, on top of being known for ultimate resistance to fading, cracks or splits. Feel free to enjoy them in any climate without having to worry about a looming expiration date.

Options, Options and More Options: Besides the louvered shutter styles online, various custom options are available by request. Color, size and design elements like the number of mullions are all at your whim. All you have to do is ask.

Lowest Cost, Highest Quality: Post-installation, vinyl house shutters are good to go for many seasons. And louvered designs have an easy feel about them that embodies all the comforts of home. Plus, there's no shiny vinyl look so they recall that familiar texture and tone of classic wooden shutters.

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