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Vinyl Raised Panel Exterior Shutters

Vinyl Raised Panel Exterior Shutters

Vinyl raised panel shutters are wonderful news for homeowners desiring low-maintenance curb appeal. With a 40-year warranty and virtually no post-installation needs, raised panel vinyl exterior shutters are a practical solution for adding charm to outdoor decor. Other than periodic wipe downs for cosmetic purposes, these decorative screens pretty much take care of themselves once mounted.

In addition to durability, raised panel vinyl shutters also make an attractive accent for exterior windows. With the colonial-inspired panel style, these shutter pairs have a timeless appeal and work on a range of different homes. Vinyl raised panel shutters come in configurations of one to three panels and can be ordered in a 12" or 14 1/2" width. Height options vary per style and width measurement. Shutters with multiple raised panels are featured in both symmetrical and uneven arrangements. Each style comes in a choice of nearly 20 colors, all with a wood grain texture, or a primed finish that comes ready for your paint.

All shutters are made to order, and are not returnable.

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Accent your exterior windows with raised panel vinyl shutters, brought to you online by Hooks and Lattice. All vinyl raised panel shutters featured in this category are manufactured by Mid-America, an industry leader for durable and attractive outdoor decor. Each vinyl shutter pair carries a 40-year warranty against cracking, splitting and fading - so not only do they look beautiful, but they're also built to last. Featured online in two widths, 12" and 14 1/2", raised panel vinyl exterior shutters carry the option for a range of heights in each style. Whether looking to frame an oversized picture window or small upper-level dormers, vinyl raised panel shutters are a practical way to boost the architectural impact of your plain glass panes. The material itself mimics wood in appearance in part to the wood grain finish given to each pair of screens. Whereas some raised panel vinyl shutters have a shiny look that betrays their imitation of wood, Mid-America utilizes quality and careful finishing for an authentic feel. Our customers will find that vinyl raised panel shutters satisfy a range of architectural style requirements including traditional and contemporary. Designs include screens with one, two or three panels. On shutters with multiple panels, designs with both even and uneven sections are featured. In addition to the size and style variations, raised panel vinyl exterior shutters come in 18 color choices. Customers may also choose a primed option that is perfect for DIY shutter painting. Another perk of raised panel vinyl exterior shutters is their remarkably simple installation. Utilizing the fasteners included in each order, shutter pairs easily mount to most any outdoor wall or surface that typically surrounds a window frame. And once they're up they require virtually no attention or effort. Most customers who purchase these shutters report a periodic touch-up here and there to remove the inevitable build up of dust or dirt. A warm rag or gentle spray with a garden hose attachment is enough to do the trick. Raised panel vinyl exterior shutters are designed for outdoor decorative use only. For working shutters, please visit our categories of Cedar or Composite Exterior Shutters and ask about hardware and hinges to create moving outdoor screens.