15in. Wide Cedar Two Unequal Panel Design -Exterior Shutter Pair

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Looking for a way to dress up your house's façade that's easy yet makes a big impact? Paneled exterior shutters can add the right touch of distinction that won't break the bank or require a construction crew to install. This set of cedar shutters features an unequal panel construction, adding visual interest to the simple panel design. And if you want to add that little something extra to make your shutters stand out, these shutters are available with a number of cutout options at no additional cost. From pine trees to candy canes, you can make your shutters say something about you with the shape of your choosing cut into the wood.

These 15-inch wide shutter are made from kiln dried Western Red Cedar, the wood of choice for exterior construction projects. Cedar has a natural resistance damage and decay, including insect pests, fungus, moisture, temperature and humidity. You won't have to worry about maintenance. The wood is also pitch and resin free, which makes it ideal for holding finishes, so you can paint or stain your shutters to make them even more unique. Available in heights from 30-96 inches, these shutters can be custom made to fit any window.

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Length 15"
Height 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", 35", 36", 37", 38", 39", 40", 41", 42", 43", 44", 45", 46", 47", 48", 49", 50", 51", 52", 53", 54", 55", 56", 57", 58", 59", 60", 61", 62", 63", 64", 65", 66", 67", 68", 69", 70", 71", 72", 73", 74", 75", 76", 77", 78", 79", 80"
Style Raised Panel
Material Cedar
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