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Perfect for larger architecture, be they homes, barns, cupolas, even commercial buildings, you too can showcase handsome extra-large copper weathervanes with style and panache. Elegant and impressive, these weathervanes we have for sale include a rooster weathervane, a horse weathervane, a witch, three birds, an eagle, even a sailboat; something for every home looking for attractive outdoor house decorations. And while more recently used as home accents, decorative barn weathervanes have historically been the most common location for weathervanes for functional reasons. Yet barns or other large out-buildings on a property have begun displaying an engaging weathervane for aesthetic reasons as well.

Made from stainless steel and brass, each extra-large weathervane comes with a brass directional that is completed with copper spacer balls. They are maintenance free and rust-resistant, providing years of use. What's more, the aging process increases these weathervanes beauty by creating a rich patina as the years go by. Be sure to check out our Weather Vane Mounting Accessories» prior to checkout.

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XL 53" Horse Weathervane
Price: $1,099.85
Sale Price: $549.85
XL Blue Heron Weathervane
XL Sailboat Weathervane
XL Three Geese in Flight Weathervane
XL Barn Rooster Weathervane
XL Witch Weathervane
Price: $584.85
XL Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane

Not Your Father's Weathervanes Anymore

Weathervanes have become a thing of beauty in the last few years, adding an artistic flare above and beyond their function. Our copper weathervanes are a perfect example of such beauty. Besides being decorative barn weathervanes, they have also become wonderful home accents, infusing style along with the rest of any outdoor house decorations you may have. We carry a horse weathervane, a rooster weathervane, a blue heron, and three geese in flight, even a Smithsonian Eagle. With these additions to your property, our weathervanes for sale will likely add value to any property.

All of our extra-large weathervanes are finished with copper, creating a sumptuous patina over time. The balance of the materials used include a stainless steel and brass assembly rod, along with each directional being made from brass, as well as copper spacer balls, assuring your weathervane is rust-resistant and maintenance free. Plus, all of our extra-large copper weathervanes are perfectly balanced and able to operate in the smallest breeze, letting you know the wind's direction instantly.

Themes Expand Placement Opportunities

As mentioned, there are several styles of copper weathervanes in our inventory. To mount as decorative barn weathervanes, we have the XL Barn Rooster Weathervane and the XL 53" Horse Weathervane, perfect for horse barns or stables. For boat houses, we carry XL Sailboat Weathervane and the XL Blue Heron and XL Three Geese in Flight Weathervanes. For fun, select the XL Witch Weathervane, perfect anywhere you want to show some spunk. And if you want to mount the symbol of America, we carry the XL Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane. Of course, any of these beauties can be mounted on any kind of building you so desire.

For mounting devices, we carry several styles of mounting hardware, including an Adjustable Roof Mount Bracket, a Large Steel Roof Mount Bracket, a Four-Sided Roof Bracket, a Weathervane Garden Stake for use as a lawn ornament, and a 12" Offset Steel Wall Mount for building side placement. With so many themes and a variety of locations to place your decorative weathervanes, you might even want to buy several of them to create your own theme.