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Fairy Garden Kit w/ Mystical Fairies

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Just What is a Miniature Fairy Garden?

Fairy gardens are the gardening craze of the year; you see them on all the hot home décor shows and websites; your children have been begging to start one for weeks. But what exactly is a fairy garden? An imagination-building DIY experience, fairy gardening is simply creating a miniature landscape in a potting container or an area of your yard. These whimsical moss-filled gardens are home to any number of imaginary magical creatures, including the two precious fairy figurines you'll find in this kit. Let your creativity run wild as you create a home for these little sprites with the included accessories and your own plants and natural materials.

Creating a Magical Space with Indoor Fairy Gardens

You don't have to have a yard or outdoor space to create the perfect miniature garden right in your own home. Add a touch of magic to a living room, kitchen, or child's room by installing this fairy garden kit in your favorite container. Simply fill your container with soil then create a landscape with mosses, succulents, and other indoor plants. Then add the birdhouse, birdbath, country garden door, and garden globe. And, of course, don't forget the fairies! This kit can be used on its own or combined with other fairyland gnomes and figurines, fairy houses, and accessories. Miniature string lights can be added to create a breathtaking child's nightlight.

Adorable Garden Decorations for Patios

When you want to add some natural beauty to an apartment balcony or rooftop garden, fairy landscapes are the perfect decorative accessory. Not only can they be created in small spaces, but they bring a miniature natural wonderland to the most urban settings. From 6" round terra cotta pots to raised rectangular garden beds, these little fairy figures and accessories can be nestled into your decorative, edible, or fragrant garden design. Add a touch of magic to your favorite outdoor hangout. These fairy garden kits also make fantastic gifts for new homeowners, college grads, or children's birthdays.