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Whimsical Forest Fairy Garden Kit w/ Toadstools

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Adorable Fairy Garden Furniture and Accessories in One Set

The kids have been begging to get started with one for weeks; now's the time to begin creating your very own magical fairy garden. Whether you need a rainy day project indoors or a fun outdoor creative experience that will introduce children to gardening, these fairy garden kits are the perfect way to start. With this fairy and accessory set you don't have to search around for the bits and pieces to create your fairy home; it's all here for you! This adorable gift set includes two different fairy friends, whimsical mushrooms in two sizes, a pair of birds on a branch, and a birdbath to complete the scene. Just add plants!

How to Create Indoor or Outdoor Fairy Gardens

With this all-inclusive kit you can create your own mini magical wonderland in three simple steps. And the best part is that fairy gardens can be built anywhere! Whether you want to bring a touch of natural joy to an office desk or a decorative accent to your patio, fairy gardens can be planted in any container. Anything will do from a glass jar, to a window box, to a flowerbed. Fill your container with soil, then plot out your fairy landscape complete with furnishings, foliage, and pebble pathways. Add plants like mosses, succulents, seasonal flowers, and ferns. Finally, the fun part is installing your furniture and fairy friends!

Miniature Garden Decorations for Yards Big and Small

Fairy garden make a delightful decorative accent for any size of outdoor space from an apartment porch to an expansive yard. Bring a touch of rustic enchantment to city balcony or rooftop garden with a raised bed full of fairy figurines. Or you can create an interesting focal point on a deck or patio with planter pots full of fairies, gnomes, and other mini magical friends. You can even use artificial plants and mosses to design a beautiful maintenance-free fairyscape in spots that don't get a lot of light.