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Mossy Fairy Garden Kit w/ Planter Bowl

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15"Dia. x 3"H

Gardening With Kids Is Fun

Fairies and their magical gardens have been a part of a children's imaginations for years. Help the little ones you know bring imagination to life with our moss fairy garden kit. Created using colorful natural mosses, this garden makes a great hobby for children of all ages, all year long. Available in several different sizes and shapes, such as a magical Garden or a mystical path with a bridge, these Gardens help children learn the craft of gardening while letting their desire to Make Believe come to life. The adventures the fairies and gnomes experience are only limited by the stories your little ones tell.

Garden Kits for Every Child

You can choose from several fairy garden kits for kids to get you started on your magical adventures. Once you've decided between a more traditional garden scene, a tropical garden scene or a garden with the look of a stream running through it, you can start to choose the accessories that will bring the garden to life. You can add a fence and pick small gnomes to guard the property and welcome visitors, adding a troll to collect the tolls at the bridge. Or you can have a group gathering to enjoy the mystery and beauty of their magical home. Whatever accessories you choose, you and your children will enjoy bringing the world you've created together to life.

Place it Anywhere and Watch it Thrive

The fairy moss garden kit can be used practically anywhere and used year round. Place this DIY fairy garden kit for kids on the patio during the warm months and bring it into the kitchen or living room during the cooler months. The moss is very easy to maintain but still serves as an ideal first garden for children. When you are ready to take your kids on their first gardening experience contact us and we will help you bring your idea to life.

15"Dia. x 3"H

15"Dia. x 3"H
618 cubic inches

Includes: Reindeer Moss, Clump Moss, Spanish Moss, Forest Moss, Stones, Fairy Bark, and Mossy Bowl Planter

Figurines and fairy garden furniture sold separately.