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Indoor Artificial Bamboo Clusters

For Asian themes, or anywhere you want to create a serene, relaxing atmosphere, these artificial plants are one way of setting that perfect mood. Bamboo plants have long been held in high regards for their whimsical feel, sleek presentation, and lush green leaves which instantly conjure images of fresh air, green forests, and cool running water. Unfortunately, most would-be bamboo gardeners find the task of growing and maintaining real bamboo to be a challenge. This is especially true for business owners, maintenance crews, or anyone who already has lots to do on their plate. That's why we developed this artificial bamboo tree. It offers the look and feel of the real thing, but you don't have to be a champion gardener to keep it looking its very best. In fact, you don't have to have a green thumb at all. This tree will maintain its lush, healthy and vibrant appearance without any need for watering, pruning, or cleaning up after dead leaves and spills. It's the perfect solution for use at home, or in public settings where you want to provide a specific mood. Combine with other Asian themed items, such as babbling fountains and colorful Eastern artwork, or use as an accent piece in any room.

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Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 3 Canes
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 6 Canes
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 9 Canes
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 3 Canes
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 6 Canes
Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 9 Canes

Display Artificial Plants in Coordinating Planters

What's the perfect bamboo plant arrangement without a planter to match? We offer a vast assortment of stylish planters to bring out the best in your fake plants, so you get the most of out of your display. Choose larger fiberglass planters to showcase multiple shoots, or go with something smaller and sleeker for more modest arrangements. Since you can easily customize the number of bamboo stalks to accommodate your individual tastes and needs, virtually any of our stylish indoor planters will add that perfect finishing touch.

Enjoy Real Plant Style with the Convenience of Fake Plants

Some artificial plants look, well, artificial. But these are a striking exception. Their leaves look truly authentic, so only you'll know they aren't the real thing. Their vibrant green leaves bring a little of the outdoors into your home or office, while the sturdy talks provide the appearance of health and vitality. While they're ideal for use indoors, since you won't have to worry about them growing out of control like can happen with real indoor plants, they're also fitting for outdoor use. Their durable construction allows them to stand up well against the rigors of outdoor display. Place stalks directly into the ground as thin or densely as you desire and make your own unique arrangement. The leaves are UV treated to prevent fading and discoloration, giving you multiple seasons of flawless style. Even better, you'll never have to hire the groundskeeper to water or maintain them, so your landscaping arrangement stays looking as good as the day you got it.

Customize your Artificial Plants

Choose the size of your bamboo trees to add the coverage level you need. Additional customization options may also be available, so don't be afraid to give us a call to discuss how we can help you design the artificial trees you need for any landscaping project.