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Indoor English Ivy Rolls

Modern hotels, casinos, event venues and shopping malls can't get enough of our Indoor Artificial English Ivy Rolls. The versatility of applications combined with cost savings and the nearly immediate shipping of this product make this an easy choice for commercial buyers and event planners on deadlines. With no maintenance required, artificial ivy wall panels never need watering, trimming, or require re-growth. Even cleaning your living wall is a snap. Simply wipe dust off with a damp cloth or spray with a light mist before wiping.

Available in three lengths, fake ivy living walls can be used to cover blank walls and wrap around columns. The flexible backing and hand assembly make it easy to cut or break up wall panels to any size you need. Our ivy wall panels shown below are intended for indoor use, and are offered in flame retardant and UV protected versions. If your project requires wider or longer applications, or even different foliage, we can customize whatever your project requires, to the exact specification.

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8' English Ivy Rolls, Indoor
16' English Ivy Rolls, Indoor
24' English Ivy Rolls, Indoor

Make A Green Statement With Indoor English Ivy Rolls

Nothing says green like an entire wall covered in artificial English ivy. Coming into a hotel entrance to a gently gurgling fountain with a lush, green living wall behind it is welcoming, refreshing, and tranquil. By adding ivy wall panels to any decor, you can be assured of creating an attractive environment for visitors and staff alike. UV protected and fire retardant, the ivy material is crafted from a unique poly-blend thickly woven together to present a dense, natural effect. Yet there's no upkeep or ongoing maintenance required as is true for live plants. You'll eliminate watering, pruning, or re-growth, and the leaves won't fade.  The slightly different shades of green create a native-looking ivy wall just like it appears in the out of doors.

What's more, the tough poly-blend foliage material is easy to clean. By spraying a light mist or wiping off leaves gently with a damp cloth, your artificial English ivy stays as fresh and natural as the day you bought and installed it. By using the highest quality materials available on the market today, rest assured, your ivy wall panel will last year after year, while retaining its vibrant color throughout.

Calling Hotels, Restaurants and Museums - Just to Name a Few!

Available in three standard sizes, you can create a single artificial English ivy panel to accent art or photos, or use larger rolls for a climbing ivy effect that covers an entire wall. You may even want to decorate the surrounding areas with our English ivy frames or install artificial ivy hedges to complement your wall. Perfect for hotel lobbies, restaurants, as backdrops for art installations in museums, our high grade foliage material is durable and tough and won't break down even in high traffic areas.

If any of the three standard sizes we carry don't meet your specific requirements, just let us know. Our customization department can manufacture larger or smaller sizes, or even use different foliage, as rich and densely packed as our artificial English ivy panels. We also carry boxwood panels. Some clients like to create a distinctive ambiance using a combination of different foliage just to mix things up a bit. Just give us a call and let us know what you need.