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Faux Balconies, Juliet Balconies & Balconettes

Mount a Juliet balcony below your windows for a sophisticated look. A faux balcony is an affordable and effortless exterior fix that adds a tremendous amount of curb appeal. It also makes a home feel more upscale - increasing your enjoyment and your home's resale value.

Hooks & Lattice offers various window balcony styles in a range of popular materials. We also work with customers to create your desired size to custom specifications. A wrought iron balconet with elegant black bars can add just the right touch to otherwise blase second-floor windows and dormers. We can also create options out of aluminum or steel.

Each piece has a durable frame with a powder coated finish. This finish resists deterioration outdoors for lasting use. Many of our customers pair faux balconies with wrought iron window box cages for a complete look.

For more information and custom orders, call: 800-896-0978 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Trade discounts and custom sizes available

Simple False Balcony
Starting At $329.85
Bellisimo Faux Balcony
Starting At $999.85
Vicenza Faux Balcony
Starting At $659.85
Solitaire Faux Balcony
Belvista Balconet
Starting At $439.85
Westwood Decorative Iron Balcony
Sevilla Iron Faux Balcony
Starting At $659.85
Ornamental Arch Faux Balcony
Starting At $329.85
Banbury Faux Balcony
Starting At $549.85
European Faux Balcony w/ Flat Iron Bowed Balusters
Salerno Faux Balcony w/ 8in. Wall Offset and Wall Scrolls
Umbria Faux Balcony Railing w/ Scroll Work & Balusters
Montecito Faux Balcony
Starting At $399.85
Agostino Faux Balcony
Starting At $869.85
Glenaire Faux Iron Balcony
Starting At $769.85
Darrington False Balcony Railing
Aubergine Faux Balcony Railing
Starting At $1,319.85
Promesa Juliet Balcony
Starting At $999.85
Kalmia Iron Juliet Balcony
Starting At $769.85
Barcelona Eclipse Faux Balcony
Starting At $1,319.85
Barcelona Iron Faux Balcony
Starting At $549.85
Veneto Faux Balcony w/ Arc Style Balusters
Renaissance Faux Balcony
Starting At $659.85
Cassia Juliet Balcony
Starting At $869.85
Dorchester Juliet Balcony
Starting At $724.85
LaFayette Faux Balcony
Starting At $549.85
Alexia Faux Balcony
Starting At $549.85
Palacio Iron Faux Balcony w/ 9.75in. Offset
Addison Juliet-Style Balcony
Starting At $549.85
 Finestra Faux Balcony
Starting At $999.85
Graciosa 'Juliet' Pottery Shelf with Scroll Base
Encantador Faux Balcony
Starting At $769.85
Dayspring Pottery Shelf
Starting At $659.85
Bayberry False Balcony
Starting At $769.85
Windermere Faux Balcony
Starting At $479.85
Brantford Juliet Balcony
Starting At $1,099.85
Ansedonia Faux Balcony
Starting At $769.85
Vistaire Juliette Balcony
Starting At $999.85
Custom Faux Balconies

Transform your home into an elegant classic. Mount balconies around windows and easily create the inviting illusion of indoor to outdoor space. Additionally, we offer French styles like our Belvista, Darrington and Glenaire. These designs look like a regular balcony, but the railing is mounted directly behind your window or sliding door glass.

At Hooks and Lattice, we supply and manufacture this product line in standard and custom designs and sizes. Our customers are both residential and commercial, and each design is created with a specific client in mind. We are flexible and ready to suit your project. We encourage browsing this Juliette category of products first to explore preferences.

Railings are most often manufactured using wrought iron but these architectural railings can also be made from aluminum or steel. We also provide a durable powder-coated paint finish for resistance to weathering and to ensure long-lasting protection for exterior use.

As for design options, Juliet styles can be created in most any form or fashion. Choose a design fashioned after a classic European estate, or give your home more of a contemporary edge. By adjusting the lines and curvature of railings and banisters, your look can become more romantic or casual. For customers who have a design in mind we are happy to work with you from an existing photograph or diagram.

Faux balconies can be found across all types of architecture worldwide. In the United States, they are a popular way to dress up Spanish, Tudor and all types of Mediterranean-style homes. It gives the elegant look you want without the cost or construction code hassles of building out an actual protrusion. Cost savings and practicality also make the Juliet design a go-to choice for commercial structures such as hotels, retail storefronts and Main Street building restorations across America.