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Fire Retardant Boxwood Rolls

Japanese boxwood is a lush plant that adds depth and beauty to any room in which it's placed. With fire retardant artificial boxwood green wall panels, you can create a unique look that will attract the attention of anyone. The artificial plant material is crafted from a poly-blend that is durable and sturdy. Additionally, it is UV protected so the sun won't fade the leaves nor will harsh florescent lights damage its vibrant green color. With boxwood wall panels you can create a faux boxwood wall, wrap around posts and columns, or compliment opposing walls. Plus, they can be customized for nearly any use, size or shape to complete your design vision.

Each panel is connected with strong industrial fasteners to not only keep their shape; they are also flexible. What's more, artificial boxwood panels are maintenance free, saving you the expense of watering or pruning. And they are easy to clean too. Just wipe leaves with a damp cloth or spray with light mist before drying. Perfect of hotel lobbies, in doctor's offices, hospitals, medical buildings, and more.

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8' Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Roll
16' Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Roll
24' Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Roll

Decorate In Style With Distinctive Artificial Boxwood Panels

Going green has become very fashionable in decorating these days and what better way to do it than with artificial boxwood panels. Use multiple panels to create an entire faux boxwood wall, cut to a specific size or geometric shape to decorate behind reception areas, use as backdrops for art exhibits, or even cover free-standing screens for a special display. Woven with a thick, rich fire retardant material, each boxwood wall panel is sturdy and durable yet flexible enough to wrap around poles or columns. You can even hang it to cover unsightly equipment from view.

Our faux boxwood material is UV protected so it won't fade or discolor against the sunlight streaming through windows or from harsh florescent lights. Additionally, Inherent Fire Retardant boxwood (IFR) qualities are manufactured right into the plant's body, ensuring material meets any local fire requirements upon initial installation. Plus, each roll is maintenance free, and cleaning is a snap. Simply wipe leaves off with a damp cloth or spray lightly and dry. Rolls are easy to keep and store when not in use. Simply pull out and hang or shape for temporary displays such as parties, weddings, receptions, corporate events, or as a temporary backdrop for photos.

Commercial Architectural Plants for Large Public Displays

All faux boxwood foliage is made with the highest commercial grade materials and, as such, will stand the test of time. Use year after year to create artificial living walls in lobbies, reception areas for hospitals, store displays, as art exhibition displays for museums, and much more. Many companies also add faux boxwood hedges on opposing walls as part of a themed decor. You can even use a combination of boxwood products to use as temporary room dividers for ballrooms, conference centers, even as a backdrop for signage.

If you are looking for a unique design theme or seeking foliage other than the boxwood wall panel, we also carry English ivy in rolls. Contact our specialists to inquire about customized leaf options or roll lengths as well. You might even want to incorporate a combination of foliage for a particularly distinctive look. No project is too small or large. Call us today about your next project today.