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Faux Brackets for Window Boxes

Decorative or Faux Brackets for window boxes add architectural detail and appeal to home facades. We offer two main types of decorative window box brackets - brackets for vinyl window boxes and brackets for PVC composite window boxes.

PVC vs. Vinyl Guidance:

  • Work with PVC Boxes: Classic XL, Elegant Standard and Petite Classic styles
  • Work with Vinyl Boxes: Prestige and Provincial styles

These ornamental accents make window box planters appear to be supported by beefy decorative corbels, but they are actually secured using mounting hardware on the backs of the containers. Be sure to check out our Faux Bracket Guide» for more information regarding measuring, placement and installation prior to placing your order.

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Classic XL Faux Bracket
Elegant Standard Faux Bracket
Petite Classic Faux Bracket
Bronze Elegant Standard Faux Bracket
Black Elegant Standard Faux Bracket
White Prestige / Promenade Window Box Brackets - (Pair)
Black Prestige / Promenade Window Box Brackets - (Pair)
Clay Colored Prestige / Promenade Window Box Brackets - (Pair)

There's No Faking Faux Brackets for Window Boxes

Adding architectural detail to your new window boxes provides the finishing touch to an elegant window planter. And the best way to do that is by adding faux brackets. Otherwise known as decorative corbels, ornamental window box brackets are not a supporting mechanism in and of themselves. Instead, they provide an attractive feature to your planter box, boosting curb appeal in the process. In our faux brackets for window boxes category, some brackets are sold individually while others are sold in pairs. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes to match numerous architectural designs too.

Great Variety of Faux Brackets To Choose From

We carry a great variety of faux brackets for window planter boxes, along with a wide range of sizes designed to accommodate diverse planter boxes. From the Classic XL Faux Bracket available in white to the Petite Classic Faux Bracket also available in white, we can accommodate whatever window box size you have. Both XL and Petite brackets are sold individually. We also carry the Elegant Standard Faux Bracket in white, black, and bronze. They are also sold per piece. In each case, brackets listed above include planter box compatibility, along with suggestions on how many brackets you'll need for the window box size you are looking to complement.

The Prestige Collection of Faux Brackets

The Prestige Collection of Faux Brackets provides untold beauty that accents our Prestige and Promenade planter boxes available on our site. They add the perfect accessory elevating the charm of your new planter boxes even more. Available in white, black, and clay, select the color that is right for you. All brackets come in pairs, and are simple and quick to install on specified vinyl window boxes. With architectural detail as lovely as this, you'll want to add faux brackets to all pre-existing window boxes on your home's exterior. Finally, we also carry the Provincial Decorative Brackets, also sold as a pair and in white. For additional information about faux brackets, please contact our design experts today.

Wondering How to Attach Faux Brackets and how many you need? Call or click to read our Faux Bracket Buying Guide»