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Indoor Faux Foliage Frames

Looking for modern hospitality design ideas to make your business memorable? It's easier than you think. Frame indoor signs, murals, promotional postings, even foot traffic pathways with Indoor Faux Foliage Frames. Available in any artificial plants material you desire, these customizable foliage frames are offered in Japanese or Plush Boxwood and English Ivy varieties. It's clear that commercial decorative plants provide a smart alternative to live plants by eliminating expensive maintenance and labor costs. What a great way to add vibrant green colors to indoor spaces.

In addition to saving your company money, you will also be modernizing your interior decor, all without breaking the bank. Artificial Plants Unlimited offers cost effective design solutions that are just right for your company. Ivy and either variety of artificial boxwood plant frames create beautiful signage for general advertising, special promotions and events, even dressing up your business name and address right outside your front door. Artificial plant frames are fully customizable with our matching green wall panels and hedges, creating an attractive and cohesive look for any business.

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Indoor Artificial Boxwood Frames
Indoor English Ivy Frames

Indoor Faux Foliage Frames: Pretty As A Picture

Beautiful decorative themes of late have included faux foliage mounted on sturdy steel frames, making anything they surround look as pretty as a picture. Added to their charm is the ability to complement lovely topiaries or living walls nearby. Yet, in the case of artificial plants, foliage frames offer added benefit in that not only are they beautiful, adding greenery to industrial looking space, they are also functional. Hang them to surround paintings, photographs, store signage, even around closed-circuit wall-mounted televisions. Many businesses even use them for room, floor, or reception signage.

Maintenance-Free Menu Boards, Flatscreens and More

Each frame covered with decorative plants is manufactured with the greatest care. They are handcrafted to our rigorous standards and come with or without an optional PVC sign blank. All faux foliage is tightly wrapped in our powder coated frame so as to reduce or eliminate rust or moisture degradation to the steel frame itself. Along with lifelike silky but tough leaf structures in the foliage itself, you will enjoy your faux foliage frames for many years. Easy to clean, simply wipe leaves with a damp cloth or spray with light mist if debris or dust accumulates. And because there's no watering or trimming to do, faux foliage frames save money on staff costs as well.

Design ideas to make the most out of your decorative plants frames include hanging different sizes in clusters for an avant-garde effect. Or, hang large artificial foliage frames on opposing walls to complement topiaries or living wall panels. All frames can be used to border lovely pictures or showcase your own company's logo. Many businesses even use these beauties to border banquet room names, hotel floor listings, or cafe patios.

Don't See Your Size? Just call!

All of our frames come ready to install and are available in three standard sizes under 75 inches. If you need smaller or larger frames, each style is fully customizable to fit your design needs. No job is too large or small. Want information on artificial plants living walls or topiaries that will create a cohesive look in your business? Call our expert staff today and discuss options for your next project.