72in. Laguna Fiberglass Window Box - Black

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Create a winning outdoor display with these long planter boxes. Our Laguna series offers the sleek and sophisticated design you want, combined with superior durability and high performance for long-lasting enjoyment that lasts and last. Constructed from fiberglass, these planters hold up against wear and tear, even in poor weather conditions or high sun. They won't warp, rot, or fade like wood planters, and insect damage is never a problem. However, even though they don't have the problems associated with real wood planters, that doesn't mean they don't offer the laid back style and high class of real timber items. These versatile boxes are also easy to use for just about anyone, even a gardening novice - just add soil and your favorite blossoms or greenery to the planter and mount on the wall, window, or railing. Mounting hardware for virtually any installation you can envision is available, so your display options are virtually limitless. Add the self-watering system to keep plants hydrated all summer long, even when you're traveling or too busy to tend to them. Drainage holes are also pre-added, meaning flowers won't become overwatered. The self-watering reservoir is ideally suited for areas with little rain or hot summer sun, as the internal system will allow roots to acquire water when they need them, so they won't dry out, and nourishment is delivered right where it's needed. Additionally only the water that's needed is used, so overwatering and the associated root rot is also kept to a minimum. You can even choose from an array of colors and sizes to accommodate your planting needs. Includes stainless steel brackets and integrated cleat-mounting system for easy installation on walls and fences

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Length 72"
Height 8"
Width 8.875"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color Black
Sizes 72"
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