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Farrow Fiberglass Planter w/ Optional Pedestal

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Modernize outdoor spaces quickly and easily using fiberglass low bowl planters. These lightweight planters are an excellent alternative to metal, concrete and wooden planters. Fiberglass is a strong and durable material that allows our designers to create a planter that is only 1/8" thick; creating a planter that is as durable as concrete but as light as plastic. The Farrow commercial planters are molded to a perfectly curved silhouette that is reminiscent of hand thrown pottery and available in custom colors and sizes.

For an even more dramatic appearance, add the optional pedestal to boost the container an additional 7-inches higher for an eye-catching display of flowers and plants. Large low bowl planters like the Farrow make a great centerpiece, providing a mini garden to even the most commercial of spaces. The sizable diameter provides ample room for spectacular arrangements.

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Farrow Fiberglass Planter w/ Optional Pedestal 60in.Dia x 21.5in.H

Commercial Low Bowl Planters

Low bowl planters create beautiful plantscapes and allow designers to introduce natural beauty to bleak and barren commercial landscapes. Utilized like a fountain low profile bowl planters, like the Farrow, break up the monotony of concrete by introducing elegant planter urns that are bustling with flowing plants and greenery. While great at breaking up walkways and foyers the Farrow also provides an excellent way to finish the top of walls and columns. Placed upon the top of concrete walls provides the finishing touch and turns dreary concrete walls and pillars into magnificent works of art.

Perfect Pedestal Planters

Fiberglass is the ideal material for crafting commercial planters because the material is incredibly durable and inherently light weight. Traditional materials, like concrete low bowls and metal planters, suffer from temperature and weather fluctuations by expanding and swelling which eventually leads to cracking, rotting or rust. Our bowl planter pots are made with fiberglass formed inside a mold which eliminates seams helping to reduce the possibility of the planter leaking and protects your property from water damage.

Fiberglass Finishing Options

Another great benefit to fiberglass is the almost limitless color and finishing options. Our designers can provide color matching or you can choose from our list of over 25 standard color options. In addition we offer four styles of finishes (Matte, Semi-Gloss, Gloss and Sand) which creates an even more custom planter and can even help a planter look indiscernible from concrete or another material.

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