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72in. Fiberglass Laguna Deck Planters-Choose from 3 Colors

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Ext: 72"L x 10.5"W x 10.5"H
Int: 70"L x 9"W x 10"H

Long Rectangular Planter Box for Patios

You don't have to have a huge yard, or even a huge patio, to have a garden of your very own. Whether you're a suburbanite who wants to add a little more pizazz to your home's exterior, or you're a city slicker looking to add an herb garden to your balcony, these outdoor planters are sure to have something to offer. The large rectangular planter box makes it suitable for small vegetables, leafy greens, and herbs as well as larger flower arrangements or foliage. Additional sizes are also available if needed, so you can customize your plant boxes to your actual home or patio. While the box itself has decorative details that bode well for your home's style quotient, it's also basic in design, so more elaborate flower displays aren't competing for center stage. Place among other planters to create a captivating outdoor display, or use one or two for an abundance of edible plants right outside your kitchen door.

Fiberglass for Both Style and Strength

While wood and metal planters are rugged and highly fashionable, they come with inherent drawbacks. For one, they can be too bulky or heavy for some locations. They're also susceptible to certain damage when used for long periods of time in outdoor conditions. These planters are made from fiberglass, a material that can be fashioned to look like real timber or even stone, but without all the drawbacks. Fiberglass won't warp, rot, crack, or twist. It's also impervious to insect infestation, which keeps your plants better protected as well. Additionally, glass fiber is exceedingly lightweight, making it ideally suited for even high rise balconies and other more delicate locations. Add the optional wheels, and you'll also find these planters are easy to move from one end of the patio to the other, or even indoors when needed.

Make Gardening Your Very Own

Let's face it. Not everyone can be a champion gardener. These outdoor planters boast optional accessories that help offset most gardening concerns of blunders. For instance, drainage holes at the bottom help prevent over watering and related problems, such as mold and root rot. These can be left off if you'd prefer a mess-free option. Additionally, our self-watering system can also be added to do all the hard work for you. The internal tank allows plants to take water when they need it, while saving the rest for later. Water less than half as often. Or, if you want something with basically zero maintenance, we also offer a huge assortment of faux plants and flowers to create a striking bouquet without having to worry over watering or pruning. Ask about additional custom options for even more convenient gardening solutions.

Ext: 72"L x 10.5"W x 10.5"H
Int: 70"L x 9"W x 10"H