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Commercial Fiberglass Hanging Baskets

Fiberglass hanging baskets are an all-weather commercial planting solution that saves time and money. Whereas Coconut Coir lined baskets tend to foster water evaporation, these fiberglass hanging planter baskets protect root balls from wind, thereby improving water retention.

Commercial grade fiberglass hanging baskets and liners from Planters Unlimited come in a range of sizes to suit any project. They have a durable chain and hook configuration for easy mounting to light posts, awnings or wall brackets. The versatility of fiberglass also allows for easy creation of colored hanging baskets in a range of 20 paint hues. Customize hanging planter baskets in an understated neutral or bold primary color.

Use colored hanging baskets and liners as an accent to your commercial exterior project and a brilliant way to infuse the beauty of natural plant life.

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Trade discounts and custom sizes available

18in. Modern Low Bowl Hanging Basket
24in. Modern Low Bowl Hanging Basket
30in. Modern Low Bowl Hanging Basket
17" Fiberglass Hanging Basket - 20 colors to choose from!
21in. Fiberglass Hanging Basket, includes chain and swivel hook - 20 colors to choose from!
21" Copper Hanging Basket
21" Aluminum Hanging Basket
21" Bronze Hanging Basket
21" Rusted Corten Steel Hanging Basket

Fiberglass hanging planter baskets and liners are an efficient and attractive commercial planting solution. Just like their traditional front porch applications in private residences, neutral or colored hanging baskets are a great way to brighten up exterior spaces with elevated container gardening.

Fiberglass hanging baskets are not only durable but also conducive to healthy and vibrant plant growth. Unlike other types of liners and hanging planter baskets, fiberglass helps to shelter the roots of your container garden from wind that can cause harmful levels of evaporation. With improved water retention, plants are able to hold on to essential moisture for longer periods of time and stay nourished.

Heavy planting loads are a breeze with fiberglass hanging baskets. Choose the flora or fauna that conveys the character of your project including popular styles like stunning Azalea Vines or the always low maintenance Geranium. Blooming plants look lovely springing up from hanging planter baskets or dramatically draping over edges.

Due to the versatility of the material, these hanging containers are easily customized to become the colored hanging baskets of your choice. With 20 available options, you can choose the hue that goes with commercial branding or logos, or go for subtler neutral tones to let vibrant plants speak for themselves.

Commercial planters made of fiberglass are known for their durable and lightweight construction. Fiberglass hanging baskets are no exception. Each of these hanging planter baskets is resilient in exterior commercial applications with resistance to fading, cracking, rotting or other general decay. On top of their toughness in outdoor placements, fiberglass hanging baskets are also lightweight and easily movable. This makes for easy maintenance when switching out planting loads, cleaning or rearranging.

For specific information on fiberglass planting containers, including hue options for colored hanging baskets, click on individual product icons for further description. Also, for discussion of your particular project and consultation on the right hanging planter baskets for your design aesthetic, our knowledgeable customer service team is available to discuss the finer points with you at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.