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24in. Fiberglass Laguna Deck Planters w/ Feet-Choose from 3 Colors

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Ext: 24"L x 10.5"W x 11.5"H(includes 1" feet)
Int: 22"L x 9"W x 10"H

Gardening Made Simple with Fiberglass Patio Planters

Perhaps you've been dreaming of starting your own garden bed or vegetable patch, but you think your yard is too small or your growing prowess too limited. Not so with our fiberglass patio planters. They're designed with both novices and old pros in mind, and they're compact enough to work well on the deck or patio, so you're no longer limited by the amount of yard space you're working with. Each planter is spacious enough on the interior to allow for small vegetables, beautiful flowers, or even artificial plants that will add a brilliant look to your home's exterior without breaking the bank (or requiring a ton of gardening skill). Our planters are also highly durable and customizable, allowing for a virtually endless number of growing possibilities.

Customizable Deck Planter Box

One thing our customers love about these planters is that they can be tailored to work well with most any lifestyle or space requirements. Each deck planter box can be purchased in a myriad of sizes and several colors to perfectly match with any decor. Custom color match is also available upon request, or you can paint items yourself to make them your very own. Drainage holes allow for proper moisture retention and aeration, but these can be left off for those who will be mounting the planters overhead or even indoors. They can even be ordered with or without feet. Additional accessories are available upon request, such as wheels to make portability quick and easy when needed. You'll also love the optional internal watering system, which delivers hydration right to plant roots without risking over or under watering them in the process. Perfect for those who are brand new to gardening or anyone who travels.

Long Lasting Functionality and Appeal

We take great pride in the fact that our planters are among the most durable and weather resistant you'll find. They're a cut above items you'll see in most big box stores, as they're made from fiberglass rather than cheaper plastics or natural wood materials. Although they look like real timber, these boxes are much lighter in weight and are not prone to rotting, warping, or insect damage like wood planters can be. Enjoy season after season of timeless beauty!

Ext: 24"L x 10.5"W x 11.5"H(includes 1" feet)
Int: 22"L x 9"W x 10"H