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72in. Fiberglass Laguna Deck Planters w/ Feet-Choose from 3 Colors

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Ext: 72"L x 10.5"W x 11.5"H(includes 1" feet)
Int: 70"L x 9"W x 10"H

Simple Fiberglass Porch Planters for Elaborate Displays

If you've been on the hunt for the perfect outdoor planter, you may be overwhelmed with the number of options available. While it may be difficult to find the ideal combination of durability, fashion, and functionality, we believe you'll find what you need in our simply sophisticated fiberglass porch planters. They feature basic decorative detailing along the top and come with feet at the bottom to highlight the look further. Even so, they create an understated sense of style that enhances your home's decor, without stealing focus away from your flower arrangements. Additionally, they may be placed just about anywhere outdoors...from the garden to the porch or patio. Not only will your new planters highlight your home's aesthetics, but they'll also provide those with limited space a viable gardening option.

Features Make for Healthier Plants

While these fiberglass porch planters are certainly designed with style in mind, they're also made to keep your plants healthy and more vibrant far longer. Not only is fiberglass naturally weather resistant to maintain its appearance over time, but it's also resistant to insect damage, keeping the box itself safer, as well as the plants inside. Drainage holes are added to promote healthy aeration and removal of excess water (these can be left off for those who are mounting overhead or who want to use their planters indoors). You can even add an internal watering system, which is designed to easily deliver water to your plants' roots directly, without you having to do extra watering. In fact, you'll go weeks in between picking up a watering can, without sacrificing the health of your plants.

Customization Means Ease of Use and Style

Make your planters your very own with our myriad of customization options. Add wheels to make moving this elegant rectangular planter from the patio to indoors to a sunny spot anywhere around your yard, stress free. Various sizes and colors are also offered, or even custom color matching for those who want a one of a kind coordinated look. We even have a vast selection of artificial plants, allowing non-gardeners to enjoy the look of real plants but without all the maintenance and hard work.

Ext: 72"L x 10.5"W x 11.5"H(includes 1" feet)
Int: 70"L x 9"W x 10"H