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48in. Charcoal Brickton Fiberglass Window Box

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48"L x 10"W x 10"H

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If you're looking for a simple, economical way to add gardening to your list of hobbies, then you've come to the right place. Our Brickton window boxes are ideally suited for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and anyone who needs a fun and stylish way to grow flowers or even edibles. Each planter is molded by hand, and boasts a unique stacked look resembling bricks or stone. The texture is eye-catching while still maintaining a simplicity that works well with modern and traditional decor themes alike. The charcoal color is an added touch that also bodes well for multiple exterior schemes. These planters are not only ideal for mounting along window sills, but they also work well on walls, fences, or along railings on decks and balconies.

Durability Like No Other

While wood and real stone planters are sturdy, they can break down when used for longer stretches in outdoor settings. Fiberglass overcomes all that, offering longer lasting beauty and function. It doesn't rot or corrode, nor does it rust or warp. Direct sunlight is also not an issue, allowing for plants to be placed wherever they are most likely to thrive. Even with this added stability in all weather conditions, glass fibers are much lighter than comparable products made from concrete or timber, making them more suitable for higher stories or for mounting overhead. Fiberglass is also impervious to insects, which not only keeps the planter safer, but also the flowers growing inside.

Easier Container Gardening

Tired of dried out herbs and wilted flowers? Avoid all the hassles associated with container gardening with our optional watering system. It fits inside the planter and allows up to several weeks between watering under normal conditions. Even in hot and dry climates, you'll still enjoy several days in between having to add water. Just fill the interior tank and let your plants do all the work. The roots will pull water upward when needed, allowing them to take only what they require and no extra. Drainage holes are also added to the bottom of each planter, unless requested otherwise, to allow excess rainwater to drain away from delicate root systems, preventing root rot and other water related damage.

Exterior dimensions:
48"L x 10"W x 10"H (Top Exterior Dimensions)
44"L x 8"W x 10"H (Tapers in four inches at the bottom lengthwise and two inches for the width)
Interior dimensions:
45"L x 8"W x 9.5"H (Top interior Dimensions)
43"L x 7"W x 9.5"H (Bottom interior Dimensions)

Quick Overview:

  • Handcrafted from lightweight, durable fiberglass
  • Includes stainless steel wall brackets and easy up mounting channel & hardware
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Use with real or artificial plants
  • Pair with deck rail brackets to convert to a railing planter
  • Add optional self watering reservoir for lower maintenance containers.