Black Brickton Fiberglass Window Boxes

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Get black flower window boxes that will never rot or degrade, made from commercial-grade fiberglass. Window Boxes made from this material are both durable and lighter weight than other materials, making them ideal for use as railing planter boxes (many brackets available). The lightweight durability and included wall brackets make it fast and easy to install or remove window planters. This comes in handy for gardeners who like to change out plantings, or those who like to grow seasonal herbs or vegetables.

Brickton Window Planter Box features:

  • Pre-drilled drainage holes and includes stainless steel wall brackets
  • Automotive grade paint finish in classic black
  • Mimics stacked stone planters at a fraction of the weight
  • Converts to a self-watering and/or a railing planter with optional components.

Use these window planter boxes on your balcony or deck railing using our brackets. And you can make any window box a self-watering one by adding our tapered water reservoir inserts. The elegant tapered shape of the Brickton combined with the stacked stone texture adds unique, modern curb appeal in an instant.

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Modern Black Window Flower Boxes

From its dark black hue, to its delicate balancing act somewhere between modern work of art and classical display piece, our Brickton window planter box is sure to make a style statement when mounted along sills, fencing, or railings. In addition to the stainless steel wall brackets and bolts we include with each order, there are several more available hardware options to help you design the ensemble you desire, with planters placed along any available surface, or all of them at once for a grander display. Each of our black window flower boxes is hand molded for an intricacy you won't find with lesser models. They boast a textured finish that resembles stacked bricks, but the boxes are actually made from fiberglass, a material much lighter than actual concrete or stone. Additionally, the sleek black finish works well with modern homes, but also offers a subdued elegance that balances traditional decor themes equally well.

Our customers appreciate fiberglass flower boxes for their ability to withstand most weather conditions without breaking down. Fiberglass is also lighter weight, making it easier to move and preferred for mounting along deck and balcony railings and in other areas where heavier items wouldn't work. It's the ideal balance of strength and agility, making it wonderfully suited for a whole host of gardening aspirations. Additional accessories are also available to make growing flowers and other decorative plants easier, even for those with no prior experience. Grow the garden of your dreams with a self watering reservoir insert, or simply plant directly in - drainage holes are pre-drilled to help prevent overwatering plants.

Hand Crafted with Superior Craftsmanship

Our black window flower boxes are a scaled down variation of our popular commercial planter models, allowing homeowners to get the same stupendous level of quality as our business customers. Each container is crafted by hand and molded into the perfect textured shape to capture the eye of those who pass. The black coloring provides an elegant appeal, although several other colors are offered to ensure proper color matching with your existing home accents. If you can't find the right finish from our selection, ask about custom options.

Weather Resistant in Any Climate

Not all window box planters are created equal. Since the Bricktons are made from durable fiberglass, a material that is better than wood, stone, and even most plastics when it comes to weather resistance, you won't have to worry about any rotting or corrosion like with wrought iron and natural wood window boxes. There will also be no cracking and splitting. Additionally, fiberglass will not succumb to insect damage, allowing it to maintain its good looks as time passes, making it a more economical choice for homeowners looking to save money in the long run.

Self-Watering Planter Inserts for Easy Curb Appeal

Even if you haven't grown flowers before, it can be done with a little diligence and our internal watering reservoir insert. Fill the tank once, and flowers receive the hydration needed to thrive for days or even weeks at a time. There's also no risk of the system over watering your plants, so you're protected from under AND over hydrating them. It's the ideal solution for those who are new to gardening and aren't sure of the proper amount of water to give, or for anyone who is away from home or simply doesn't have the time or energy for daily watering and maintenance. Want things even easier? We have a wide selection of artificial plants which can be paired with any of our premium planters. Call toll-free to request boxes pre-filled with outdoor artificial plants. We also offer indoor and fire retardant plants.

Customization Made Simple

Like many of our custom items, these planters can be made to your specifications. Although you'll find a host of finish option on the drop-down menu to work well with most any color scheme, we can also offer hue matching services for an exact match with your existing exterior colors. In addition, several sizes are offered, or give our design professionals the dimensions you're looking for, and they'll help you design a flower box that perfectly meets your exact design specifications.

More Information
Length 26"
Height 10"
Width 10"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color Black
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