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36in. White Brickton Fiberglass Window Box

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36"L x 10"W x 10"H

Benefits of Container Gardening with 36" Window Boxes

Small space gardening has never been easier than with our planters for deck rails. They're only compact enough to fit virtually anywhere, but they offer a whole range of installation options, allowing them to mount in an assortment of locations. Place them on window sills to add a boost of appeal to your home's exterior and become the envy of the neighborhood. Or, mount them along deck or balcony rails and enjoy an herb garden right outside your home, whether you live among the rolling countryside or in a high rise apartment. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. Additionally, our stylish planters feature a molded texture that resembled stone or brick, giving them a unique appearance with universal appeal.

Add An Internal Reservoir for Healthier Plants

We know that growing in small containers can make growing some plant life more difficult. Without precise watering, plants may dry out more easily, especially in warm climates or during the hot summer months. Our internal watering system prevents plants from wilting, without any extra work for you. Just fill the tank, and plants take the water they need through their roots. Go days or even weeks between refills, and enjoy lively flowers or vines, without daily watering hassles.

Weather Resistance and Stability with Fiberglass

You'll love the stone-like appearance of our planters, but there will be none of the bulk of real concrete. These flower pots are made from fiberglass, which means they'll weigh a fraction of what brick or stone would. This not only makes them easier to move when needed, but also adds an element of safety when used on deck rails or on upper levels where added weight might not be advisable. Not only that, but glass fiber is enduring, even in areas with less than ideal weather conditions. Rain, sun, and wild changes in temperatures will not cause them to warp or rot, so you get years of form and function.

Exterior dimensions:
36"L x 10"W x 10"H (Top Exterior Dimensions)
32"L x 8"W x 10"H (Tapers in four inches at the bottom lengthwise and two inches for the width)
Interior dimensions:
33"L x 8"W x 9.5"H (Top interior Dimensions)
31"L x 7"W x 9.5"H (Bottom interior Dimensions)

Quick Overview:

  • Handcrafted from lightweight, durable fiberglass
  • Includes stainless steel wall brackets and easy up mounting channel & hardware
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Use with real or artificial plants
  • Pair with deck rail brackets to convert to a railing planter
  • Add optional self watering reservoir for lower maintenance containers.