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54in. White Brickton Fiberglass Window Box

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54"L x 10"W x 10"H

Garden Window Boxes Bring the Outdoors to You

Always dreamed of having a lush garden to enjoy? With our white deck railing planters, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh herbs straight from your garden, brilliant flowers, or dramatic vining plants, even if you live in a home with limited or no yard area. They mount directly to your window sills or deck railing, so there's no need to take up valuable patio space either. Just use our specialized hardware for a quick and easy mount. Each planter is expertly constructed from lightweight glass fiber, a material that takes on the appearance of more natural ones, but without all the bulk and weight. So you're safe to grow on overhead walls or railings.

Resilient Fiberglass Lasts Through the Years

Not only is fiberglass lighter than conventionally used wood or stone, but it's also less vulnerable to outdoor conditions. It doesn't warp when wet or rot over time. You'll also find that insects are not attracted to it, keeping your planters and the flowers inside safer. Enjoy the style and beauty they offer year after year, season after season. You can even choose from our assortment of artificial flowers and plants to keep the look alive long after the growing season ends.

Internal Watering Makes Growing Lively Plants Easy

Not everyone is a pro gardener, but that doesn't mean you can't have the beautiful flowers of one. Add our internal watering reservoir and enjoy lush, healthy plants even when you don't have time to water them yourself. The tank inside holds water close to plant roots, allowing them to draw moisture as needed. This also prevents OVER watering, and the root systems only take what they need and leave the rest until later. Water less often and enjoy your flourishing garden without the hassles. Drainage holes are also added unless requested that they be left off, allowing excess water to drain away during heavy rain.

Exterior dimensions:
54"L x 10"W x 10"H
50"L x 8"W x 10"H (Tapers in four inches at the bottom lengthwise and two inches for the width)

Quick Overview:

  • Handcrafted from lightweight, durable fiberglass
  • Includes stainless steel wall brackets and easy up mounting channel & hardware
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Use with real or artificial plants
  • Pair with deck rail brackets to convert to a railing planter
  • Add optional self watering reservoir for lower maintenance containers.