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Reflective Fire Glass & Rolled Lava Stones

You've just upgraded your outdoor décor by adding a handsome and functional patio fire pit, but there's something missing. If you really want to go the whole nine yards and create a truly memorable focal point with fire, don't forget to add the decorative fire pit glass and lava rocks! Though those Penta burners are a true wonder of gas-burning ingenuity, accenting them with sparkling fire glass crystals is sure to give your fire pit a more elegant and more "complete" look. Our glass and rolled fire stones can be used with both outdoor natural gas and propane fire pits or indoor fireplaces. Popular Reflective Fire Glass Colors:

  • Cobalt blue
  • Bronze
  • Gold & copper
  • Black

We have a wide variety of choices to compliment your fire accents, including reflective glass in six stunning colors and two sizes, and smooth lava stones in two sizes. These aren't your old-fashioned craggy lava rocks- they have a smooth finish that gives them a more modern appeal while still being just as resilient in any gas fire. With these decorative enhancements, you are sure to enjoy many years of cozy fires out on your patio!

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Copper Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch
Cobalt Blue Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch
Black Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch
Sky Blue Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch
Bronze Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch
Gold Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Medium Half Inch
Copper Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch
Cobalt Blue Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch
Black Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch
Sky Blue Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch
Bronze Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch
Gold Reflective Fire Glass - 25 lbs - Small Quarter Inch
Lava Stones - Medium - 1 to 2 inch
Lava Stones - Large - 2 to 3 inch

A Dramatic Play of Fire & Reflective Glass

Whether you prefer the rustic look of polished lava stones or the sophisticated appeal of gleaming fire glass, both options are sure to transform your fire pit's decorative appeal from lukewarm to blazing hot. When used in propane or natural gas fire pits and fireplaces these decorative stones work to cleverly conceal your burner element while also helping to control the direction of the flame. Both reflective in nature, these glass or rock pieces create an illumination all their own as the flickering flames dance off of their surface. Turn out the lights and get ready for a dazzling show!

Dazzling Fire Glass in Six Colors

Our fire glass crystals- available in 1/4" and 1/2" sizes- are a stylish alternative to other fire bowl fillers. They are sourced from tempered broken sheets of tempered glass. One side has a mirrored finish that gives this fire glass its glittering reflective quality. Choose your fire glass from one of six alluring colors: Copper, Cobalt, Black, Sky Blue, Bronze and Gold. When using fire glass, 1" of depth is recommended for propane fire pits. For natural gas fire pits 2"-3" is recommended. If using solely propane you may choose a darker glass, as propane can leave a residue on lighter-colored glass.

Lava Rocks Crafted by Mother Nature

For those who like a more natural, organic look with their outdoor fire pit, our lava rocks are sure to please. Lava is formed deep within the bowels of the earth by Mother Nature herself. You can't get any more natural than that! When spewed forth it cools and solidifies into these enchanting rocks that have been polished smooth for a more refined look. Lava rocks will stand the test of time and any temperatures your fire pit can reach for endless use. Since they are porous they allow air and flame to pass through, creating a breathtaking firescape.

Say Goodbye to Sooty Logs

From heightened safety to a more elegant decorative look, the benefits of using fire pit glass rocks and lava rocks are boundless. Though firewood has been the age-old option, modern times call for modern materials, not to mention a more updated look. Some additional benefits of these modern stones included:

  • No toxic gasses or noxious smoke. Unlike firewood or asbestos-coated faux logs, there will never be any fumes emitted from these stones, saving both your lungs and the environment.
  • Stones are safer than wood. Both fire glass and lava rocks are impervious to high heats and fluctuating temperatures. They will never melt or burn, meaning you won't have to worry about flaming fragments or flying ash.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. These stones won't discolor, accumulate soot or ash. If they happen to get dusty, simply scoop them out and rinse them.
  • A low-cost investment. Since fire glass and rocks can be lit continually or for long periods of time without degrading, they are a decorative investment that will last a lifetime.