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Fire Pit Accessories & Burner Inserts

If you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to create your own custom-made fire pit that coordinates perfectly with your façade, you can find the outdoor fire pit tools and accessories that you need to complete your picture-perfect project right here at Hooks & Lattice. We are proud to offer a wide variety of gas fire pit burners to meet any need. These inserts come fully assembled and ready to install in any natural gas or propane fire pit/table.  And if you already have a fire feature and are just looking for a new look we offer decorative, reflective fire glass and lava rocks for gas fire pits.

  • Reflective Fire Glass & Rolled Lava Stones
  • Electronic Ignition Burner Inserts
  • Push Button Burner Inserts
  • Match Light Burner Inserts
  • Fire pit covers and lids

Available in electronic, push button, or match light ignition, Hooks and Lattice fire pits, tables, and bowls are easy to install and easy to operate. Fire pit glass rocks and lava stones are an eye-catching way to give your fire pit a more "complete" look. We offer reflective fire glass in a variety of stunning colors, including cobalt blue, copper, and bronze. Different sized pebbles and glass pieces are available to help you achieve just the look you want.

Shop fire pit glass, stones, and burner inserts online or call:800-896-09787am - 5pm PST, M-F

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Electronic Ignition Burner Inserts
Push Button Burner Inserts
Match Light Burner Inserts

From DIY to Decorative Upgrade

Couldn't find what you were looking for in pre-assembled fire pits? If you'd rather build it yourself then you're in luck because we have what you need to get started. Whether you simply want to revamp your existing fire pit's look or if you want to start from scratch, these fire pit accessories will get you on the road to decorative success. Fire glass and lava rocks can totally change the look of your existing fire pit, giving it a more elegant, "finished" look. It's a low cost way to make a big impact. And if you're ready to start from step one, the best place to begin is with one of our convenient gas fire pit burners.

Choose Electric, Push Button, or Match Light Ignition

With our wide variety of outdoor fire pit burner kits you have the freedom to create the fire pit of your dreams in any size or shape, and anywhere you choose. The fire pit inserts are available with electronic, battery-powered push button, or traditional match lighting ignition. With the first two choices you get to control the power of fire with the touch of a button. You can even do it from afar with the handy remote control included! Or for a low-cost and versatile fire pit approach you can choose the classic match light ignition system. All three systems include all of our high-quality burner types.

Round and Rectangular Fire Pit Burners

Our collection of fire pit inserts is proud to include the first-class Penta burner, a star-shaped burner with big appeal. The design of this pentagram burner creates a stunning full "campfire" look that uses less fuel than the traditional ring burner, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. We also offer trough-style burners for rectangular fire pits, including the innovative V-shaped burner insert. All of our burners are made from durable stainless steel and include a raised hub for water protection and a special Spider Guard to keep insects from clogging the valve. Electronic models also include a blow-out box to stop the flow of gas if flame is lost.

Don't Forget the Finishing Touch!

Once your fire pit is up and going it's time to add the decorate finishing touch; fill it with some decorative fire glass and lava rocks. Both options can make a stunning statement, fancy or informal depending on the type you choose. Our fire glass comes in two sizes and six stunning colors. With a reflective surface on one side it seems to glow with a light all its own. And for a look that's just as elegant, lava rocks can give you a more earthy appeal. In fact these natural rocks were forged in their earth itself. All of our fire stones and glasses are sure to last a lifetime in your fire pit. They are resistant to melting, burning, discoloring, and losing their shape, even in high heats or for extended fires.