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Saxony Hammered Complete Fire Bowl - Electronic Ignition

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40"Sq. x 16"H
Base: 20"Sq.

Patio or Deck Fire Pit Bowls and Tables

Make your home the outdoor hangout spot of choice, especially during the cold months by adding this attractive gas outdoor fire pit to your patio, deck, or backyard. Guests will be glad to indulge in another drink as the night sets in when they have a cheerfully crackling fire to sit around. We offer these patio and deck dispays with a hammered copper finish that gives them a charming rustic appeal that goes great with outdoor settings. With a dramatic tapered square silhouette this feature also makes an intriguing conversation piece, even when the fire isn't lit.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Fires

A welcome change from old-fashioned fire pits that require the continual purchase of firewood, constant maintenance to keep the fire burning, and foul-smelling smoke in your eyes, these clean-burning gas products are smoke-free, wood-free and simple to start. This Saxony fire bowl comes with the upgraded electronic ignition option, allowing you to create fire at the flip of a switch (or the push of a remote control button). Not only is start-up a breeze, but you can also control the level of your blaze and turn it off on command. Each unit has a 12" Penta burner made from stainless steel with an included Spider Guard and raised hub. This star-shaped upgrade on the classic round burner offers a more natural, full look.

Gas Outdoor Fire Pit for Restaurants

Copper fire bowls are a practical addition to commercial outdoor entertaining spaces as well as residential ones. They add a welcoming layer of warmth to cocktail lounges, restaurants, and hotels with outdoor dining patios. These commodities are also ideal for commercial spaces because they are so low-maintenance. Not only is ignition a snap, but upkeep is too. No cleaning, no repairing. Copper is resilient in all outdoor applications, allowing you outdoor use all year round for many years to come.

*Max BTU: 50K
*Ships via common carrier on pallet, customer must be available to accept delivery.
*CSA Certified in US and Canada

40"Sq. x 16"H
Base: 20"Sq.