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Push Button Burner Inserts for DIY Fire Pits & Tables

Get ready to say "Flame on!" because with these handy gas fire pit burner inserts you can harness the power of fire with the push of a button. These convenient gas fire pit burners come pre-assembled with all you need to get started, and run on battery power. This means you'll never have to worry about being near an AC power source. The push button ignition allows for full flame control with no costly wires and no messy firewood. And with so many inserts to choose from, you can custom design the fire pit of your dreams for your patio, deck, courtyard, or along a backyard path.

Dreaming of an octagonal fire feature on your patio? How about a seven-foot-long linear fire table at the entrance of your restaurant or hotel? We have burner inserts to compliment your unique project and décor. We offer round, square, and rectangle designs up to an incredible 72" inches in length. All of the burners are UL certified in the USA and Canada for either liquid propane or natural gas fuel. From our star-shaped Penta burners for round fire pits to our popular V-shaped linear trough burners for rectangular fire tables, all of our stainless steel inserts are top-of-the-line, and as dependable as they are long lasting.

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Push Button Round Penta Burner
Push Button FLAT Round Penta Burner
Push Button Square Flat Burner Insert with Penta Shape
Push Button Rectangular H Burner Insert
Push Button - Linear Trough Insert 'V' Shape
Push Button Linear Pan Insert

Push Button Battery vs. Electronic Ignition

Don't let your creativity be controlled by how far away you are from an outlet. With the battery-powered push button gas fire pit burners you have total installation freedom. Whether you want to build a fire pit by a hotel pool, on a restaurant patio, or in a secluded home garden, you can do it all without running the first wire. Push button ignition systems are a simpler alternative to electronic ignition, and they're safer too. With the push button ignition you still get the convenience of match-free fire starting without any of the electrical hassle.

The Advantages of Our Gas Fire Pit Inserts

We offer only the top-of-the-line outdoor fire pit burners at Hooks & Lattice. Not only do these low-profile gas burners strike a pretty pose, but they are also designed to be highly efficient and long lasting. All of our burners are made from high-quality #304 stainless steel. Standard (non-flat) models have an extra sturdy sidewall for holding decorative fire glass or lava rocks. These smart burners also provide extra protective features for both you and the integrity of the burner. For example, all of our burners have a raised hub design to prevent water entering the valve and a special Spider Guard fitting to prevent those pesky insects from entering and clogging the gas valve. These burners also come with a blow-out box that cuts off the flow of gas if the flame happens to go out.

Starring the Round Penta Burner

Our collection of outdoor fire pit burners proudly includes the patented Penta burner. With its innovative star-shaped design this burner is able to create a more natural-looking fire than outdated ring burners. Enjoy a true campfire effect! The Penta also uses less fuel to create flames the same heights. These burners are perfect for round, square, or octagonal fire pits and can also be used in indoor fireplaces. Each Penta burner comes with a 5-year warranty.

Linear Burners for Fire Troughs

If you want to build a strikingly long fire trough we've got you covered too. We offer three styles of rectangle linear burners, including the rectangular H burner, the economical V-shaped burner, and the linear pan insert for applications with recessed enclosures. All three styles include weep holes for drainage and are perfect for use with fire glass or rocks.

How to Use Push Button Ignition

With push button ignition getting your fire started is simple. These fully assembled fire pit insert kits come with a discreet control box as well as a remote control for starting and maintaining your fire. To light your fire pit simply push the start button to start the flow of pilot gas then press ignition for a spark. After the pilot light has run for about 20 seconds you can turn on the main fire and, "Viola!" a beautiful blaze at your disposal! You can even remotely control the height of the flames and the shut-off.