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Electronic Ignition Burner Inserts for DIY Fire Pits & Tables

Can't find just the right fire pit for your outdoor space in the online or in-store selection? Why not build your own outdoor fire pit? We make it easy with these gas fire pit burners. Each electronic ignition burner insert kit comes fully assembled and ready to install in your fire pit shell. Easy-to-read installation and operation instructions are included, so you don't have to be a DIY expert to have a custom-made fire pit. Get superior convenience and more creative freedom when you add one of these propane or natural gas fire pit burners with electronic ignition starting. When hooked up to a 120V or 24V power source, starting a merrily crackling fire is as easy as the push of a button. Insert types include:

  • Round and flat round
  • Square flat
  • Linear trough and linear pan
  • Rectangular H-shaped

Made from #304 stainless steel, these high-quality burners include raised hubs for water protection and Spider Guard fittings to prevent insect clogs in your valves. And for superior convenience, it doesn't get any easier than electronic ignition! All of our electronic inserts can be quickly started by simply pushing a button on the fire pit or on the included remote control.

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Electronic Ignition Round Penta Burner
Electronic Ignition FLAT Round Penta Burner
Electronic Ignition Square Flat Burner Insert with Penta Shape
Electronic Ignition Rectangle H Burner Insert
Linear Trough Insert V Shape - Electronic Ignition
Linear Interlink Pan Insert - Electronic Ignition

Fire at the Push of a Button

Now you can show your dominion over the power of fire. And the truly amazing part? You don't even have to be near your outdoor fire pit to do it! With convenient electronic ignition and the handy remote control, you can start a blazing fire from across the yard. Push-button technology gives you control over when your fire pit turns on and off, and the height of the flame, without ever having to touch a match or piece of firewood. And prehistoric man though he was impressive!

Penta Burners- A True Superstar

Our electronic ignition burner kits include the innovative Penta burner, a star-shaped burner that excels above the traditional ring burner in so many ways. The ingenious pentagram design crates a more natural-looking flame than round or straight burners, giving you a more organic, campfire feel. Penta burners also are able to create flames of the same height while using less gas than traditional ring burners. Available in both round- and square-base options, standard low-profile and flat pan designs, these burners are ideal for square, round, or octagonal fire pits and indoor fireplaces.

Rectangular Burners for a Wall of Flame

If you are planning to go outside the box with an extra-long rectangular fire table or fire trough, our rectangle and liner burners are a great place to start. Available in three designs, these burner inserts can be purchased in sizes as small as 24" and up to 72" long. Imagine the flaming display you can create on your patio or deck! Like our Penta burners, these burners are made from high-quality #304 stainless steel and include a raised hub and Spider Guard, and also available for both standard and recessed enclosures. Try the popular V-shaped linear pan to use less fire glass or lava rock.

Gas Fire Pit Burners- A Safer, Smarter Fire

Aside from push-button convenience, propane and natural gas fire pit burners make it so you never have to deal with messy firewood again. Your clean-burning fire pits will be free from noxious odors and messy ashes. Helping to protect both you and the longevity of your fire feature, each electronic ignition burner goes through a series of safety checks before allowing the hot surface igniter to create a pilot light. Once the pilot light is sensed, the main gas can flow to create a beautifully blazing fire in seconds. The added advantage of a blow-out box ensures that gas flow will stop if the flame accidentally goes out. Whether you choose propane or natural gas, 120V or 24V, these trustworthy burners will give you years of fireside pleasure on your home patio or at your place of business.