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Match Light Burner Inserts for DIY Fire Pits & Tables

These easy DIY gas fire pit inserts help you to create your own custom fire pit for your outdoor oasis. If you want to build your own fire pit that is more sophisticated than the classic wood burning ones but more simple and versatile than high-tech electronic ignition systems, then our match light burner inserts are just right for you. They provide the clean convenience of gas fuel but avoid the need for wires or batteries to get the fire started. Lighting a fire with the strike of a single match has been a tried and true method for centuries; why mess with a good thing? Match light systems offer greater versatility and a lower-cost alternative to electronic ignition burner inserts.

Top-of-the-line Penta outdoor gas fire pit burners with match light ignition are available in both round and square, standard and flat recessed pan styles. All of our burners create a magnificent full "campfire" effect. We also offer 3 styles of long, narrow fire pans for rectangular and linear fire tables that provide many feet of flame, including the V-shaped trough burner that is perfect for lava rocks or fire glass. Build a fire pit anywhere you like! Each match light burner kit comes to you fully assembled with easy-to-follow installation and operation instructions. These burners include flex line configuration, a valve mounting bracket, and key to adjust flame size.

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Match Light Round Penta Burner
Match Light FLAT Round Penta Burner
Match Light Square Flat Burner Insert with Penta Shape
Match Light Rectangular H Burner Insert
Match Light Linear Trough 'V' shape
Match Light Linear Pan Insert

The Advantages of Match Light Ignition Systems

Match light ignition systems allow you the most freedom of all gas-fueled burners. Unlike electronic ignition systems you are not limited to building a fire feature near an electrical outlet. Create an intimate fire pit scene in a secluded space or build a cozy fire table alongside a swimming pool. The choice is up to you since you don't have to worry about AC power. Plus, you can avoid working with unwieldy electrical wires, which can be dangerous if you're not experienced with electricity. And unlike push button burners you will never have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries every so often. The less technology involved, the less you have to worry about. With these low-cost ignition systems a book of matches is all you need!

Penta Fire Pit Inserts Steal the Scene

Our match light fire pit inserts are available in your choice of natural gas or liquid propane fuel. For a burner with lifetime star power, we offer the exclusive Penta burner. With a patented pentagram-shaped design it creates a fire that is sure to shine above the rest. Unlike traditional ring burners the Penta burner creates a more natural effect while using less fuel to do it. Attractive and economical! Penta burners are made from durable stainless steel and include a 5-year warranty. These low-profile burners can be used with round, square, or octagonal fire pit with standard or recessed enclosures.

How Many Feet of Fire do You Need?

Looking to make a dramatic scene with your outdoor gas fire pit? Create an entire wall of blazing fire with our rectangular inserts. In three different styles, they are available in lengths as little as 24" and as long as 49." Imagine the impression you will leave on guests with a four-foot long fire feature outside the entrance of your hotel or on a dining patio. Like the Penta, our liner trough burners are made from high-quality stainless steel and feature a raised hub for water protection and a special Spider Guard attachment to keep insects from clogging the valves. These burner pans are also available for standard or recessed enclosure applications.

How to Use Match Light Ignition

With match light ignition you are free to install your ideal fire pit anywhere on your property and be confident that you will have a blazing fire in seconds with just the use of a single match. No wires attached, no messy firewood involved. This ignition system works in much the same way as starting your backyard propane grill. To get the fire started simply open the key on the valve, allowing gas to flow. Light the gas and watch the flames ignite! You can control the height of the flame by turning the key counterclockwise, or stop the flame by turning it to the OFF position.