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Match Light Square Flat Burner Insert with Penta Shape

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Match Light Natural Gas Fire Pit Burner

You give every aspect of your façade and outdoor décor the VIP treatment. So it goes without saying that you want to build a custom fire pit that shows that same attention to matchless quality. The best way to do that is with one of our Penta burner inserts for gas fire pits. Though these burners comes with traditional match light ignition, there's nothing old-fashioned about them. You can create a fire feature that truly shines with the power of leaping flames at the light of a match. And the best part is that you can depend on it to perform flawlessly for years to come, thanks to this innovative star-shaped burner.

Unrivaled Penta Burner Insert

What makes the Penta burner the top of its class? It starts with the pentagram-shaped design that allows flames to shoot forth in more than just a simple ring or straight line. With this patented burner you get a full "campfire" effect that looks more natural than other burner types. You can also control the height of the flame to get the desired effect. Rated for use with either natural gas or propane, this burner also uses less fuel to create a flame just as big as ring burners. Made from durable stainless steel, this low-profile burner comes with a 5-year warranty. To afford extra protection we've added a special Spider Guard fitting to prevent gas valve clogs and a raised hub to keep moisture out of the valve.

All Ready to Install

This flat burner has a square-shaped base that is designed for use with square or rectangular fire pits and indoor fireplaces. Without sidewalls, it is made specifically for enclosures with recessed mounts and built-in sidewalls. This match light system comes to you fully assembled and ready to install. We include easy-to-follow installation and operation instructions so that you can get going in no time.

Detailed Dimensions for Match Light Burner Inserts

18" Square Insert | Burner: 12"
24" Square Insert | Burner: 18"
30" Square Insert | Burner: 24"