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Fire Retardant Ficus Trees

Explore the low maintenance, evergreen world of fake trees with the Planters Unlimited collection of fire retardant Ficus. Green up your commercial spaces and simultaneously minimize the green coming out of your long-term design budget with the use of indoor artificial trees.

Constructed from natural looking materials, these fire retardant plants meet building safety codes for artificial foliage and look great while doing it. Unlike other fake trees that require fire retardant sprays or dips after purchase, our collection of Ficus have the materials infused within the branches and leaves during their construction through an injection molding process. This method helps them to meet the requirements of fire retardant plants without losing their authentic look and feel.

Our indoor artificial trees are made to order and come in a range of sizes and leaf counts. All Ficus styles are mounted in weighted bases, with pots available for purchase separately. Achieve top notch fire safety and the natural look of greenery for your atrium, lobby or office space - the only thing missing will be checks made out to the gardener!

For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.

7' Fire Retardant Ficus Tree - Green 1,824 Leaves
8' Fire Retardant Artificial Ficus Tree
10' Fire Retardant Artificial Ficus
Incorporating greenery into design plans can bring commercial spaces to life, literally. However, here at Planters Unlimited we realize that live plants aren't always an option, whether it's because of environmental limitations or the long-term expense of upkeep. Luckily, designers, architects and planners will find a viable solution to the green dilemma in our collection of fake trees. Spruce up a building atrium, hotel lobby or luxury spa with the calming presence of plant life in the form of indoor artificial trees.

In addition to a fresh natural look, we have the safety component covered though this collection of fire retardant Ficus trees. Through a process whereby the necessary materials are impregnated in the branches and leaves of our fire retardant plants during the injection molding process, these Ficus are guaranteed to meet safety codes while maintaining their flawless look. Unlike products that require topical dips and sprays after the fact, this collection of indoor artificial trees won't take on that spotty doctored look - just refreshing, green and gorgeous.

A native of temperate climates, a live Ficus Tree could prove a finicky faux for interior greenscapes. However, the artificial variety from the Planters Unlimited indoor artificial tree collection is agreeable in every way. Choose from heights of 7'-10' and leaf counts ranging from full to sparse, all branching out from a natural trunk. Also, In keeping with the designation as a fire retardant plant, the fake Ficus foliage and trunk are both safety-infused from the inside out. All of our fake trees in the Ficus style are mounted in weighted bases that can easily fit into most commercial grade planters. Although our Ficus varieties of fake trees do not come potted, ask one of our customer service representatives about styles we offer.

As a commercial project planner, we don't have to explain the beauty of fake trees to you - it's just that, they're fake! Making a long term investment in authentic looking artificial foliage, sans the gardener, could be just the solution you need to accomplish that welcoming agrarian vibe in your place of business. Over time, our indoor artificial trees more than uphold their value by keeping your spaces lively, fresh and vibrant through all the seasons, for years to come.

For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.