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Fire Retardant Oak and Willow Trees

Bring an evergreen topography to your interior commercial scope with the addition of artificial indoor trees from Planters Unlimited. Not only will these fire resistant plants in Willow and Oak styles "greenify" your indoor spaces and meeting places, but their low maintenance nature can also prove a cost effective solution within your long-term design budget.

Utilizing top of the line authentic looking materials, our fake indoor trees are also constructed with fire retardants woven into their composition from the inside out. Unlike other artificial indoor trees that require sprays or dips after the fact, our fire resistant Oak and Willow collection has the protection built in through an injection molding process. Through this method, our fire resistant plants meet commercial safety codes without losing their genuinely natural look and feel.

All Oak and Willow styles of fake indoor trees are mounted in weighted bases, with pots available for purchase separately. Free your business budget from the added expenses that come with live plants like climate control, watering and general upkeep by embracing the ever-fresh nature of artificial indoor trees from Planters Unlimited.

For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.

Fire Retardant Pin Oak with Natural Trunk
10' Fire Retardant Giant Pine Oak with Natural Trunk
8' Fire Retardant Weeping Willow Tree - 5,088 Leaves
Commercial designers, architects and project planners boldly take on the task of bringing interior spaces to life - sometimes in the literal sense. The addition of plant life to design plans can often times create hurdles when considering obstacles like climate control and long-term upkeep. However, bringing the great outdoors inside doesn't have to cause a landslide in your plans with the help of options offered in the Planters Unlimited collection of indoor artificial trees.

Spruce up a restaurant lobby, hotel conference room or enclosed park pavilion with the addition of fake indoor trees in Oak and Willow styles. A pop of life will make all the difference when guests enter your space, and with the authentic look and feel of our indoor artificial trees employees may even find themselves fielding questions about the gardener's salary. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing qualities of greenery, safety is also a consideration, especially when it comes time to pass building code inspections. Not to worry though, Planters Unlimited has you covered. All the trees in this collection are fire resistant plants, and constructed to meet safety requirements for commercial interiors. Through a process where fire retardant materials are impregnated in the branches and leaves, these fake indoor trees sidestep the need for additive dips and sprays. All you have to do is order, and then watch your design plans come to life with an always-fresh, peace-of-mind offering fire resistant plant.

So, foster the roots of your design aesthetic through plant life, without the long-term obligation of resource expenditure and labor for upkeep. You'd be hard pressed to find a weeping willow as agreeable to indoor living, or a towering oak as willing to make its home in a sunless foyer outside of our fake indoor tree collection. No matter the season, and regardless of whether the sun shines, instill a bright spot in your commercial interior through the placement of indoor artificial trees.

Variable styles and sizes are available, and all fire resistant plants are mounted and shipped in weighted bases. Potting is not included, but a Planters Unlimited customer service representative can help you to choose a complimentary style from our broad range of commercial indoor planters.

For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.