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Fire Retardant Palm Trees and Bamboo

For commercial applications that require fire rated materials, fire retardant palm trees and bamboo are a safe solution for adding faux plant life. Evoke the mystique of Southeast Asia with artificial bamboo plants, or infuse a tropical vibe with flame retardant palm trees - all while satisfying commercial safety requirements.

At Planters Unlimited, our flame retardant collection of artificial bamboo plants and palm trees come in variable sizes ranging from 6'-12' in height. Each plant is sold in a weighted base for easy transfer into the planter of your choice. To round out your design, we offer a generous assortment of commercial-grade planters to accent fire retardant palm trees and bamboo, available for separate purchase.

Liven up commercial meeting spaces, hotel guest rooms or a Tiki bar with an exotic feel while upholding safety requirements with a flame retardant artificial bamboo plant or palm tree. Your clients will thank you for the additive visual appeal and no-maintenance practicality!

For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).

6' Fire Retardant Canariensis Palm 12 Fronds
12' Fire Retardant Bamboo Trees - 9 Natural Canes
7' Lady Palm - Fire Retardant

Flame retardant artificial plants are a practical way to incorporate plant life in design plans without the hassle of live root transplants, watering and pruning. Numerous commercial designers and architects have already discovered the long-term value of greenery in faux form and at Planters Unlimited we proudly offer a wide array of fake plants with built in flame retardant agents, including this collection of artificial bamboo plants and palm trees.

In modern commercial design safety has become an increasingly relevant factor, consequently leading to stricter building codes. To ensure your faux plant life is up to par, purchasing selections that are inherently flame retardant is the easiest route to go. With this collection of lifelike artificial bamboo plants and fire retardant palm trees, you will avoid the need for topical sprays that can sometimes fade and blotch synthetic greenery. The plants come ready with a flame retardant rating so they fit right into your commercial safety code requirements.

On top of their safety rating and no-maintenance practicality, our artificial bamboo plants and palm trees are just plain fun! Bring exotic plant life to a range of settings without having to spend bundles at a specialty gardening store. Evoke the charisma of Asian-influenced design with one of China's most well-loved native species, bamboo. Or, "plant" a palm tree and bring the tropics to an indoor pool and spa area without the worry of live plant demands for sunlight, watering or specific levels of soil acidity. No muss, no fuss - just lively and authentic looking plant life in any climate.

All artificial bamboo plants and palm trees are sold and shipped in a weighted base. Choose from a size range of 6'-12' in height, and even add on a commercial planter to match for a fully designed look. Whatever your plans, fire retardant palm trees and bamboo from Planters Unlimited are a safe and fun way to mimic the kinds of plants you always wanted but never had the environment for!

For more information on available styles and sizes, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).