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Fire Retardant Artificial Cone Topiaries

If you want to add artificial greenery to your decor that is safe to use in a variety of spaces, our fire retardant commercial artificial topiary makes an ideal choice for just that. Cone topiaries are available in several sizes, up to six feet. Considering our goal to satisfy each and every customer, however, we can customize to whatever height your plans require. Adding an artificial boxwood topiary to any indoor setting can be used in several ways too: as an accent, to use as a focal point, to create a barrier or wall, or to frame a walkway. Reliable and sturdy boxwood plants are thickly handcrafted over a durable iron skeleton, which is further reinforced with a tough powder coating to prevent rust or breakdown of the metal.

And with our fire retardant treatment of the high quality lush green foliage, you are assured your artificial boxwood topiary will last year after year. Finally, "plant" your commercial artificial topiary as-is or anchor it in either a fiberglass or PVC container, which can make them not just easy to transport and maintain, but also adds an attractive element.

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60inH Cone Topiary, Fire Retardant
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Fire Retardant Cone Topiaries Set The Stage

Increasing your decorative quotient in your home or business can definitely add a touch of creativity and class to any environment. An effective way to do just that is to add an artificial boxwood topiary, cone style, to your space. Made of lush, green boxwood plants hand crafted onto a durable iron skeleton, each commercial artificial topiary we make will add a distinctive design edge to any room. Enduring qualities that make our cone topiaries particularly worthy of jaw-dropping beauty include their thick coverage of the frame, the fire retardant treatment that protects them year after year, ensuring safety, and their impeccable shape. Added to this, is the feature that protects the frame itself. Each skeleton's iron cage is treated with a special powder coating that eliminates moisture, preventing rust and any degradation, which ensures your artificial boxwood topiary endures.

Using Commercial Artificial Topiary Plants

Cone topiaries can enhance a room in numerous ways. Set your topiary in an atrium or foyer to use as pivot agent or focal point. Another option is to use two topiaries as 'bookends' to frame an arched doorway. Yet other choices include buying multiple topiaries to create a boundary that sections off parts of a ballroom, conference center, or courtyard patio seating area. The creative options are endless, making the richness of 'going green' in your indoor space both beautifying as well as functional.

Available in three standard sizes up to seventy-two inches, it's even fun to stagger varying heights of cone topiaries for maximum effect. What's more, if you need larger, or smaller sizes, just click on the link below or call our expert staff to discuss customization options. We can make whatever height you need, to meet your exact specifications. Stand your artificial boxwood topiary as-is or select vibrant and sturdy fiberglass or PVC containers to put them in, thereby increasing portability and boosting their colorful appeal. Containers can be purchased in standard colors or customized to create the effect you are looking to achieve. Customization options are endless. Give us a call today to see how we can enhance your commercial space with artificial cone topiaries.