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Fire Retardant Boxwood Frame

Enjoy artificial boxwood hedges in the form of a vibrant, green and fire safe frame. Hand assembled using inherently fire retardant or IFR boxwood material, each border looks lifelike and is also up to state and municipal safety codes. With that in mind, fire safe artificial plants are great for display inside any commercial building, event center, home or office space.

In these designs, IFR boxwood material is woven onto a robust iron frame with a rust resistant powder coated finish. This provides structure for the arrangement and industrial fasteners hold plants in place to create artificial boxwood hedges that seem to spring up naturally from the wall. Green borders make a beautiful enhancement to menu postings in the entryway of a restaurant, and also work well as decorative TV frames. For residential or commercial design, to frame wall hangings of any kind, enjoy the lush look of a boxwood border.

Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Frame 38in.L x 25in.H w/ 26in.L x 13in.H Opening
Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Frame 60in.L x 42in.H w/ 36in.L x 18in.H Opening
Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Frame 70in.L x 47in.H w/ 46in.L x 23in.H Opening
Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Frame 50in.L x 50in.H w/ 26in.L x 26in.H Opening
Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Frame 72in.L x 72in.H w/ 36in.L x 36in.H Opening
Boxwood Fire Retardant Artificial Frame 82in.L x 82in.H w/ 46in.L x 46in.H Opening

Get the luxurious look of an artificial green wall indoors while framing commercial postings, flat screen TV's and other vertical furnishings. This innovative border is made up of IFR boxwood material meaning that the faux plants are inherently fire retardant. This is a double whammy for smart interior design that wraps a pleasing aesthetic and safety considerations all into one decorative piece.

Inspired by the elegant structure of boxwood hedges, faux greenery is made up of quality-grade industrial materials. Fire safe artificial plants are hand assembled on a rust resistant iron frame that gives the arrangement pleasing structure and a sturdy mounting bracket. Industrial fasteners also help to hold foliage in place for full artificial boxwood hedges that look just like the real thing.

Inherently fire retardant or "IFR" plant materials are tested and shown to resist flame in high levels of heat. Their safety rating makes faux plants a match for most commercial building codes as outlined by states and municipalities; please check property guidelines to verify.

Hang fire safe artificial plant frames as an enhancement to a range of wall furnishings, including flat screen TV's, commercial signs and artwork. The look of the IFR boxwood material assumes the color, texture and shape of hedges found in nature, thereby adding a fresh spin to displays. Green borders also make great decorative TV frames for flat screens. In an urban tavern, hotel lobby, contemporary office space or home living room, bordering television monitors in luxurious foliage helps to freshen up interior design.

In addition to the faux boxwood frames featured here, Planters Unlimited also manufactures and supplies a range of other artificial plants for indoor and outdoor displays. Boxwood topiaries, hedges and solid green walls can add a refreshing feel to interiors that lasts the whole year round. No water, sun or pruning sheers required.