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Capture that "fresh-cut" feel permanently with artificial floral arrangements. A premier alternative to living displays, our fake flower centerpieces are artfully designed. And all plants are made from quality-grade faux materials - colorful, textural and impressively lifelike.

Given the authentic look of silk flower arrangements, they provide a high-impact piece for high-end design. We work with diverse customers on varying project scales, so everything from a 6" end table arrangement to grand 5' fake flower centerpieces are a part of our repertoire. Artificial floral arrangements come ready to display in a range of planting container styles, so traditional and modern tastes alike will find satisfaction. Keep it clean and contemporary with a single potted orchid or opt for the elaborate with flourishing bouquets of annuals, perennials and fillers.

Silk flower arrangements are ready to display on arrival. Artificial Planters Unlimited also works on customs by request, so give us a call toll free.

Elegant Mixed Flower Rose Trailing Arrangement in Tall Ceramic Vase
Tropical Elegance Protea Arrangement in Small Ceramic Pot
Simple Elegance Peony Arrangement in Ceramic Container
Cottage Home Pink Snapdragon Arrangement in Traditional Ceramic Pot
Gentle Seas Blue Snapdragon Arrangement in Ceramic Container
Country Delight Orange Peony Arrangement in Watering Can
Red Dahlia Spirit Arrangement
Birthday Centerpiece Floral Arrangement
Peony and Alstromeria Chardonnay Arrangement
Peony Con Amour Arrangement
Pink Peony Spring Arrangement
Lilac and Succulent Wistful Arrangement
Heliconia with Succulent Western Arrangement
Dahlia Garden Mix Arrangement in High Shine Silver Container
Tropical Design Heliconia Arrangement
Purple Orchid Asymmetrical Arrangement in Heavy Pot
Lilac Garden Mix Arrangement in Rustic Wood Container
White Peony Grape Arrangement in Glass Vase
Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement
Mini Phalaenopsis in Tall Cylinder Vase
Phalaenopsis Arrangement with Bamboo and Grass
Calla Lilies and Hydrangeas with Water Vase
Arum Lily Loop
Price: $287.85
Rivera Calla Lilies in Line Vase
Rubrum Garden Cylinder Vase
Rose Delight Urn with Hydrangea Accents
Small Rose Delight Arrangement with Hydrangea Accent
Bird of Paradise Modern Arrangement
Birds of Paradise Arrangement
Snapdragon Emerald Sky Arrangement
Sunflower Fall Topiary Arrangement
Lily of the Nile Kera Arrangement
Snap Dragon Elegance Arrangement
Wild Rose Janeice Arrangement
Sunflower Spring Topiary Arrangement
Double Gerber Morning Sunrise Arrangement
Kangaroo Paw Fall Dreams Arrangement
Mini Magnolia with Blueberries Cotton Arrangement
42in. Mini Ficus Bonsai Tree
19.5in. Cattleya Orchid Plant
5' Cymbidium Orchid Plant, White